Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bl. Twp. and Public Comment

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Above is the link to an article written by a Ms. Esshaki  of the C & G  paper.

I wrote a VERY LONG comment following the article.   Please take time to read her article and my comment.  Thank you.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Vacant Land, Deception, Lies, Censorship, Family, Friends & Favors ? TBD

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I was asked by a reader to talk about what is happening with the South Boulevard and Squirrel Road corner in Bloomfield Township.  South Boulevard and Squirrel Rd.  SW corner.  Directly across the street is Auburn Hills.  A short distance to the west is Pontiac and a short distance to the east is Troy.  This is basically the NE area of the Township.  The property is now vacant and was the site of a former Kroger store, strip mall and bank.

Manchester Squirrel LLC,  owner/developer is paying less than $15,000 in taxes for 9 acres of land.  Why?  Family, friends or favors here?  Brian Kepes (the new Twp. Treasurer) family owns a smaller but adjacent land and perhaps is trying or has hooked up with the owner/developer of  the 9 acres parcel.  Currently the parcels are separate.  Total space under consideration for development is over 10 acres.

While employees at the Twp  planning department claimed that there is NO project submitted for this property,  all the twp. posts or notices and comments from Supervisor Savoie and  Patti Voelker, Planning Director indicate otherwise.  My visit to the planning department claimed nothing to show me and if I wanted to know more about the Master Zoning Plan I can FOIA what I want to know.

The 10+ acre property is now zoned commercial only.  The issue appears to be about trying to get a zoning change via the Master Plan to multi-family zoning or similar.    Kepes and developers were reportedly canvasing the surrounding neighborhoods prior to the Aug. 2016 primary with project ideas and conceptual plans.  Many homeowners were NOT happy about what they were hearing at that time.   High end residential?  Over $2000/month in rent?   At this location?  On swampy land?  The homeowners suspect a bait and switch as to what will be built there.   The issue has Giffels-Webster/Clearzoning and Survey Monkey hired to to a study and a survey and to make recommendations to the township about land use.   Apparently a "not named" and "not submitted" conceptual plan will be presented at the Dec. 7 "OPEN HOUSE" by someone.  Who?

To be held at the Township Hall
Wednesday, December 7, 2016 from 5:00pm - 7:00pm
4200 Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI  48303

FYI:  Planning Commission meeting held on Nov. 9:

On Nov. 9 at the Planning Commission meeting,  Planning Director Patti Voelker presented a three page letter to the Planning Commission (PC) under the agenda titled:  ITEMS NOT ON THE AGENDA.  Really?   The township is so sneaky that they can't even print an agenda item about what they want to talk about?   What?  They didn't want the public to attend?  Or know that the developers have resurfaced since August?  Or that new Treasurer Brian Kepes' family owns some of the property being considered for zoning change?    The 3 page letter Voelker presented was dated Nov. 2.  More than enough time to properly present this item.

Voelker explained  at the PC meeting (to some degree) what the 3 page letter was about,  but because the PC members were just handed the letter and had no clue this was coming weren't  exactly sure what was happening.   Ms. Voelker did "invite" them to a Dec. 7 meeting to learn more.  Stealth agenda item for sure.  No other discussion or action on this letter/news was taken at the meeting. I later learned that not everything in the letter was true.  No minutes yet for that meeting.  It's been close to 30 days.

If you would like to read the 3 page letter go to the BOARD PACKET of the 11/14/16  Board of Trustees meeting.  It was NOT in the Planning packet for this meeting.   See minutes on demand:  http://bloomfieldtwpmi.minutesondemand.com/
The next 2 Planning Commission meetings regularly scheduled for Nov. 21 and Dec. 5 were cancelled.  Both were scheduled to meet before this "invited" "open house" on December 7.  But the township can and will present something at their "open house"  on Dec. 7 instead.   Why isn't it called a "public hearing"?   Our own local government leaders doing a "surprise attack".    We should start the meeting with a moment of silence and remembrance of the sacrifices made for our freedom.  Then suggest a recall of Savoie and others.   My opinion.

FYI:   Another meeting:  Board of Trustees on November 14, 2016:

Believe it or not, Supervisor Savoie put the study and survey issue on the Nov. 14 Board of Trustees agenda as an "UPDATE".   How in the world could this be an "update"?  Nothing was ever said to the trustees prior to this meeting.  The trustees should have been given the opportunity to discuss this issue presented by employees and Savoie and either approve or reject this "study and survey".   But they were never asked to do that.  The Trustees should have DEMANDED that from the elected 3 administrators and employees.  This study and survey was not part of the approved 2016 budget. 

At that Nov. 14 Board of Trustees meeting,  as an agenda item,  Ms. Voelker just told the trustees what her planning department was doing and then "invited" the trustees to try to show up at the Dec. 7 meeting for more information.  Let's keep the "details"  secret until Dec. 7.   Savoie is  calling this proposed meeting an:   "OPEN HOUSE" not PUBLIC HEARING.   OMG.   What "rules" will Savoie put forth at this meeting?  Will there be a quorum of the board at this meeting? 

Can this township leadership get even worse than it has been?  Yes!  How?   Savoie  added his 2 cents at the 11/14/16 meeting  about the agenda issue,  then decided to deny public comment  for this agenda item only.   That was not decided by the trustees.  They were not asked about public comment for this issue.  Many people were in the audience to speak to the issue.  But Savoie just said NO.  His rules of the night.  

To continue his (Savoie) "RULE" over his Township"SUBJECTS":

Obviously thrilled with his shutting down the public comment on this item on 11/14,   Supervisor Savoie and his "gang of trustees"  then proposed on the next  11/28/16 Board of Trustees agenda  for a resolution to limit public comment.   Among other language, the resolution/policy restricts public comment to the beginning of the meetings ONLY.    Vote was 5-2  with Trustees Buckley and Walsh voting no.  Then Savoie "ruled" that the resolution just voted on shall begin immediately.  Another Savoie rule? He then just announced that agenda #12 named "public comment" will be taken out of posted order and be the next agenda item for the night.  Another Savoie rule?  After that, no more comments from the public that night.   The supervisor did take his opportunity to comment about what was said by the public during their 3 minutes of time and then to add his comments and spin to all the remaining agenda items.
This study/survey/vacant land/ master zoning plan  entire issue is so twisted with many versions from the township  of what it is all about that many people will think  this is the way it should happen. 
NO !   I must continue with my blogs to try to explain to the taxpayers how Savoie,  et al,  are conducting "business" at the township.   What is going on is very disturbing and frightening.   My opinion.  Please attend the Wed., Dec. 7 meeting at 5 PM - 7 PM.   See also the added permanent link in the right side column of this blog :  Bloomfieldconfidential.com   another blog.   Check back often.

Our tax dollars are being used to help a "non-identified and non-submitted proposal" for that 9 acres plus a Kepes family property  by paying for a" survey and study".  This appears to be leading to  a predetermined outcome in my opinion.  The MASTER ZONING PLAN  most likely will be changed to multi family based on this unauthorized study and survey process.   Once the master zoning plan  is changed from just commercial, a proposal will finally be submitted.  What will THAT say?   The neighbors figure it won't be the upscale townhouses being suggested but will be either section 8  or refugee housing type quality construction.   Not many trust Savoie or Kepes or the township in general.   Too many vendors contributing $$$   and conflict of interest going on.

Other Option ?

An option is available for a developer to submit a plan and just request a VARIANCE to the zoning.  NO master plan change is required.   IF done this way the developer would have to build what they submit and is approved.  Taxpayers have a chance to weigh in on an ACTUAL submitted plan.   The submitted plan would need to go to ZBA for variance in zoning.  That could be denied.  No change in zoning.    However, by changing the Zoning ahead of any submitted plan,  with NO proposal, any future proposal that fits the new zoning category could basically require the township to approve their project that fits within the guidelines of the zoning... or perhaps the township would end up being sued. 

What is really being done here at Squirrel and South Boulevard?   Is it a freebie to Treasurer Brian Kepes and Manchester Squirrel , LLC developer  to do a land use and marketing study paid for by the township taxpayers with the apparent intent to change the Master Zoning Plan?    Any potential developer should pay for land use and marketing surveys on their own land.  Projects should be submitted to the township with fees paid.  Proper procedure should be followed by the employees and the Board of Trustees and other committees.   Is  Family, Friends and Favors how this township is governed?  Looking at the political contributions by vendors and developers, etc.  to some of the officials, I'd say township government does have the appearance of "pay to play".  My opinion.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pre-lim. Budget, W&S issues, safety paths, 48th District Court

Hi All,
MONDAY, NOV. 28, 2016 @ 7 pm
will be the first Board of Trustees meeting with the new board members:  Dani Walsh and Michael Schostak.   Brian Kepes will now be Treasurer.    Swearing in ceremony was 11-21-16.

The agenda:  (also found at end of this blog)

The most important thing to view is the BOARD PACKET 11/28/16 for all the supporting detail provided by the township.       227 pages.   go to:  http://bloomfieldtwpmi.minutesondemand.com

My comments on this agenda and information copied from the township website/ board packet:
Savoie  is trying to silence the public. 
A resolution to change how public comment is done at the meetings.  I often comment on most issues because the township either fails to reveal all information necessary for complete understanding of the issues or false information is being given.   If this resolution is passed... my comments will not be heard.     How can we ask questions or add more information?  Answer:  we won't if this is passed.
See agenda #2.    in pdf board packet pp 44-49
Surprise:  another Hubbell, Roth, Clark  project.   See agenda # 4   Appears to be competitively bid but the other bidders  had no real chance as HRC already has no bid contract work that overlaps the new project being bid and HRC  has been basically the exclusive contractor for the past 3 decades or more.

Savoie is continuing the no-bid contract  scenario:  See agenda #5  Safety Paths    in pdf board packet pp 60-63
This is similar to what the township did for Rizzo contract... for Bidigare contract... for Gypsy Moth contract... and the list goes on and on and on. 

More costs coming to your water and sewer bills/  another 20 year Bond   See Agenda # 6   pdf in board packet pp  64-136

EESD (Engineering and Environmental Services Dept)  Annual Report   Agenda # 7  pdf pp  137-164

MORE increases in fees:  Agenda #8  pdf pp 168-168    Water tap/meter charges.   Packet does NOT show what the fees were when approved in 2005.  So increase %  amt. is unclear

48th District Court 2017 Budget and reports:  Bl. Twp is the landlord and improvement are needed on the building.  More costs to the taxpayers for this?   Agenda #9  pdf  pp  169-193

Preliminary Budget for 2017-2018   Agenda # 10   pdf pp 194-213   This is the first look for the Trustees and the public.   Take a good look now.  What you see is probably what you'll get.   More collected in property tax.  Will your house be one of many with the increase to your property's value?   So much to say here.  Stay tuned.

Payroll and Voucher list  Agenda #11..  pdf pp 214-223    How can the Trustees and/or the public know what account these expenses are debited from?   You don't and the Trustees don't , and Savoie likes it that way.  

My opinions.