Saturday, September 29, 2012

Township Board Meetings Scheduled - Early October

Hi All,
Not all agenda's and board packets are currently posted.  Save the links and save the dates.

Monday, Oct. 1 @ 7 pm - Planning Commission meeting 
The last meeting of the Planning Commission was July 16....months ago....and those minutes will be approved at this meeting.  There are no minutes for Aug. or Sept.

On the agenda: 
III.  Site Plan Review
A.  37000 Woodward Ave. - Eddie Merlot's -  Special Use Request/ Class C Restaurant

From a letter in the Planning Commission Board Packet:

Wednesday, Oct. 3 @ 2 pm - Design Review Board
No agenda posted as of 9/30/12
Board Packets have not been included for these meetings, however, I think the details should be included for the public to see.
  • A DRB meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 19 @ 2 pm.
  • Well guess what. I missed the meeting because the township changed the meeting date Tuesday, Sept. 18 @ 11 am.  
  • The township claims proper notification was given.
  • I think if a regularly scheduled meeting is going to be changed, it should come AFTER the day and time of the original meeting. ... not before.
  • What do you think?
Tuesday, Oct. 9 @ 7 pm - Zoning Board of Appeals
No agenda or board packet has been posted as of  9/30/12
However, this is a legal notice and must be published 15 days prior to the meeting.  So that is where it was found on the Township website.  But, the township can NOT change the "legal notice", so it IS the AGENDA.
The BOARD PACKET gives DETAILS of each item.  Be sure to review it when it shows up on the website.  Below is the "legal notice".


Wednesday, October 10 @ 7 pm - Board of Trustees meeting
Board of Trustees meetings are regularly held on Monday's.  The Monday, Oct. 8 meeting is cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 10.  The Township reported to me (via an email request for information) that there will be a lack of a quorum on Monday, thus the cancellation.

This change notice was given proper notification on the township website.
There is no agenda or board packet for the October 10 meeting on the website as of 9/30/12.
Again, the board packet is what gives the details of the agenda items.