Monday, September 24, 2012

Bl. Township Hiring Election Inspectors for Nov. 6

Hi All,
The Bloomfield Township Clerk's office is hoping to hire more election inspectors for the Nov. 6 election.  The pay is between $125-$160.  They are really looking for people that have computer skills. You do not need to live in the township. If you are interested, please go to the clerk's website for the form needed to apply.

The training days will be later in October...and the township usually offers day and evening training.  Just remember, if you are hired as an election inspector your November 6th day will begin promptly at 6 AM  and will not end until the polls close at 8 PM and all the chores to close the polling place have been completed...say 9 PM or later.  There is time for lunch and dinner on your own.

I personally have worked some elections and really enjoyed the day.  There are different jobs needed from greeting the voters, checking the application to vote forms, checking ID,  using the computer to verify name and issue the ballot, a person to remind the voters to follow the directions on the ballot (ie: vote for one  or vote for two, etc.), removing the ballot stub before entering the ballot in the machine that counts the votes, and collecting the application form before the voter leaves the building.

To make the day more interesting as a paid election inspector, you may be asked to rotate around and do all or some of the jobs.  You will only be asked to do jobs that you are capable of doing well.  If you don't use computers and/or understand the computer process being used, you will not do that job.

Please remember, you will be working to ensure a fair election.  Election inspectors role is to give registered voters a ballot and make sure their vote is counted. Everyone, workers and voters,  that comes into the voting precinct building may NOT be wearing anything or outwardly carrying any literature about any candidate or ballot proposal. All campaigning stays outside and away from the doors.

The Township has (or will have) a SAMPLE of the Nov. 6 ballot on the website.  Read it, review it, study it.  Remember, not everyone in the township lives in the same school district or has the same county commissioner, etc.  Therefore, your ballot may look different from someone else living in the township.  If you live in another community, you should visit their website for your information. Do you know your township precinct number where you vote?  If yes, using the below link, click on THAT precinct and view the sample ballot issued there.

At the clerk's website link, you can read more.  One is the absentee ballot, sample ballots,polling locations and voter ID information.

On Nov. 6, the election lines may get very long as the ballot is a full two sides of one page.  I've heard it may take up to ten minutes for each person to fill out their ballot once they receive it.

Please remember to vote on Nov. 6 or by absentee ballot.  The absentee ballots may arrive in the mail ...sometime during the last week of September.  However, you had to REQUEST an absentee ballot and fill out a form first.  If you didn't do that, it's not too late.  See the website for the proper forms or visit the Township Clerk's office.

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