Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Posting" To The Township Website

Hi All,

Where would you go to seek information about Bloomfield Township?
At the Township offices?  On the internet?  In your local paper?
In our "21st Century" way of thinking...many would choose the internet as their first choice.

Bloomfield Township has an official website:
The "home" page has items of interest concerning the recent past and events in the near future.
I recommend that all Township citizens spend some time exploring the entire site and all that it offers.

While the Township is quick to post upcoming items of interest on the home page such as:
Household Hazardous Waste Day:  Oct. 1, 2011  from 9 am to 2 pm ;
Open House in October 16, 2011   noon to 4 pm ;
other items such as notification of upcoming public meetings are rarely found on the home page.

Some notifications of public meetings can be found in a local paper 15 days in advance.
Did you miss it?
Did someone tell you they saw it in the paper (that you may not have)? 
Therefore, you went to the Township official website to read the notification for the public meeting. Did you find it on the website?  No?
For some reason, even though I personally have requested many times that notifications of public meetings be posted earlier, the Township waits until almost the last hour required, to post the notice and the agenda for that meeting.
Why?  The date, time, location and agenda is in the local paper 15 days in advance.
The Township has a well staffed department to post the information on the website on the SAME day as notification is entered in the local paper.
Why isn't that done?  Please ask the Township officials for the answer. 

When the public meeting information is finally posted on the Township website, more information than what was in the local paper is included for review. 
That "more" information is the details concerning each agenda item.
Those details would be relevant to the discussion by the Board members and the public prior to a decision being rendered for that item.
If you wish to understand the agenda item, it is important to review the "Board Packet"  for the Board of Trustees or the "Meeting Packet" for either the Planning Commission or the Zoning Board of Appeals. 
The Design Review Board has not yet begun to provide a "packet" for public review.  But why?


Monday, October 3:  Planning Commission meeting.
Is there a Public Hearing at this meeting? 
Was there 15 day notification?  If yes, 15 day notification was NOT on the official Township website.

Wednesday, October 5:  Design Review Board meeting.
Is there a meeting packet?

Tuesday, October 11:  Zoning Board of Appeals.
15 day notification was already given in a local paper.
Did you miss it?   That information is still NOT on the official Township website.

As of 11 am Thursday, September 29, all of the above meetings are NOT listed on the Township website.
Expect to see some, possibly all, later today. 
Why?  Because this is the last day this week to have the opportunity to post to the website.
Tomorrow is Friday.  The offices are closed.
If you have any questions concerning items on the agenda for these meetings, you will need to wait until Monday.

Open and Transparent government?
....When the 15 day notification that is submitted to the papers is also posted 15 days prior on the official Township website.
....When the public has more than the Township's closed three day weekend to review the details of the next agenda and ask questions.
....Question:  How soon is when...?

Was there or will there be a Study Session public meeting to review the candidates for the appointments for the currently vacant positions to the Planning Commission and/or  the Zoning Board of Appeals?
Where will that notice be posted?  Just asking.


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