Monday, May 14, 2012

Township Agendas for May 15,16 and 17.

Hi All,
Another week with township meetings.  May 15, 16 and 17.  
Tuesday:  May 15 is the LAST day to enter your name as a candidate for any of the seven elected positions at the township for the August primary.   Supervisor, Treasurer, Clerk, 4 Trustee positions.

Tuesday @ 7 pm  Zoning Board of Appeals: 
 click for agenda and meeting packet for details

There are 2 items that were postponed or tabled that are now being heard.
Thirteen items are new. 

The last item concerns signs and a new proposed restaurant on the SE corner of Woodward and Big Beaver.  This location/restaurant has not been approved for a liquor license yet, so I am surprised they are going for the sign variance approvals.  The liquor license has come up twice under different names...and no approval from those attempts.  Does the new proposed restaurant know something that the rest of us do not know? The liquor license next?  Predetermined outcome? Just asking.  The property was originally zoned O-1 and was changed to mixed use overlay.  Quite awhile ago,  the ZBA ruled that the building project that zoning/ordinance stated: .. "shall" be 50 % of the third floor to be RESIDENTIAL...ZBA ruled that the building could go to 0% there went the MIXED use of the project in my opinion.  A restaurant is not office. No residential in the building. What is the building zoned?  Is it legal?   The signage being requested is premature for the project and excessive per the ordinance. The proposed project is Eddie Merlot’s Restaurant.  First I've heard this name as the restaurant.  It is the PROCESS of the township officials that I constantly take exception to... the zoning, the ordinances, etc. are constantly being changed, altered, or conveniently reinterpreted to meet THEIR agenda...not the township citizens.

As to the other items on the ZBA agenda:  it is up to YOU to take the time to click the agenda and check the property locations and the issues before the ZBA.  Once a decision is made....the only way to change the ruling is through the courts.  If it is in your neighborhood, speak up now...for or against and remember to view the details under the "meeting packet" PDF on the web page.

Wednesday @ 2 pm   Design Review Board
A. Special Events:
1. 6869 Franklin Road – St. Owen Church
50th Anniversary Picnic Celebration

B. Signs:
1. 6602 Telegraph Road – SVS Vision – Bloomfield Plaza
Wall Sign

C. Site Plans – Liquor License Requests:
1. 6608 Telegraph Road – Bagger Dave’s – Bloomfield Plaza
Class C/Tavern Liquor License

AS USUAL...NO meeting packet or board packet to get DETAILS....just the agenda notice. The minutes from the last meeting that they are going to approve is NOT shared.  If you actually attend the meeting, the three elected officials who make up this board will NOT be speaking into a microphone and the DETAILS that may be brought to the meeting will not be shared easily with the audience.  How's that for public meeting and the quest for open and transparent?

My question:  "Bagger Dave's".   Why is this liquor license request being presented at 2 pm on a Wednesday?  So the elected three can give their blessing ahead of all the other boards that need to give approval?  What about the public?  Again...the process at the township is the argument and the failure to REALLY make projects in the township open and transparent for all.

Thursday @ 7 pm Board of Trustees Meeting
The agenda should appear here when the township finally posts...when?  Don't forget to read the Board Packet.  DETAILS of the agenda are important to read and review. You will need to do a series of clicks and downloading PDF files to read.   This Board of Trustees meeting should have been this Monday, May 14.  What was so important that it was cancelled and scheduled for a Thursday?  No reason given.  Depending on the agenda and when it appears on the township website, I may send out another blog.  Stay tuned.

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