Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday, July 23 Board of Trustees meeting @ 7 PM

Hi All,
Here is the AGENDA for Monday, July 23.  Please read my comments about agenda items #6 & 7 concerning DONATIONS to non-profit organizations with taxpayer money.

At the last Board of Trustees meeting on July 9, there were TWO non-profit organizations seeking funds from the township.  I argued that taxpayer dollars should not be used for this purpose.  The first organization, BBCC, was asking for $10,000.  I pointed out that this organization used to ask for more money.  See these minutes from 2008:

After discussions and motions by the current board of trustees, a $5000 donation was made to BBCC for their fiscal year that ends in Oct. 2012.  Leo Savoie, Corrinne Khederian, and Police Chief Kirt Bowden are on the board of directors for this organization (BBCC).  Neither Mr. Savoie nor Ms. Khederian excused themselves from the vote to donate taxpayer money (Police Chief not a Trustee of the township and cannot vote).  I believe this is a conflict of interest and I did point that out in my three minutes of allotted time during public comment. 

Dan Devine mentioned that he did some investigating about what the township could or could not do as to donations to nonprofits with taxpayer money.  From the minutes of July 16, 2012 meeting:

That opinion and suggested "guidelines"  by Dan Devine was then taken to the second issue last month concerning the non-profit organization BBFA that was seeking a $2000 donation.  It was hinted that this organization did NOT meet the guidelines for donations.  I argued against any donation.  There was no one from the organization, thus the TABLED motion to be heard this Monday evening.   Please note:  there are NO township leaders on this non-profit organization. However, it does operate out of a Bloomfield Hills school district location.
WHAT will the township decide this Monday, July 26? Donate or not? 

FYI:  The township also has donated to Preservation Bloomfield, another non-profit.  Interesting fact:  Township leadership is on that Board of Directors organization.  Seems that IF the township sits on their is available to them.  This organization also owes the township money from a "loan".  Here is one "loan" from the minutes of 2008.   
When will the township get "reimbursed"?  More money has been given to this organization.  More to follow.

FYI:  The township seems to be the go to municipality for money for organizations. This needs to stop.

FYI:  The police department is presenting their annual report for 2011.  The fire department presented their annual report at the last meeting.  Both reports should be on the township website found under "annual reports".

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