Sunday, November 18, 2012

Site Plan review and a PUBLIC HEARING to rezone - Monday, Nov. 19 @ 7 PM

Hi All,
Monday, Nov. 19 @ 7 PM is finally another Planning Commission meeting.  (last one 10/1/12)
Two items will be discussed: a site plan  and  a PUBLIC HEARING for rezoning the property from O-1  to OR-1.

Once again, the Township has FAILED to post the public hearing 15 days in advance on the township website under "legal notices" for this meeting. There was a previous Public Hearing on this issue on May 9, 2012 before the Planning Commission where many people spoke.  Have they been renotified of this meeting?   On Nov. 7, the Design Review Board (three elected officials that are also Board members) heard this rezoning proposal.  Two people attended that meeting to ask questions.  This is a paragraph from those minutes:

PLEASE:  Take your questions to the Planning Commission ... get those concerns ON THE RECORD in the Public Hearing.   Bring your friends and neighbors....not everything you say makes the minutes. You do not need to be an "official" representative of your neighborhood.  All voices can be heard at this public hearing.   The Township REFUSES to video tape the meetings and archive them for open and transparent government.  Why?  Worried what might be said....on the record?  

1. 6675 Telegraph Rd.  (the old Big Boy restaurant south of Maple on the east side of Telegraph Rd.) 

This is the site plan that will be reviewed:  from the PC Packet found on township website.  There are about 45 pages to review on the website.  The following is just a snapshot of what is there to review.

The Township must approve the hours of operation AFTER 9 PM  and the request for seasonal outdoor seating and the issuance of a Class C liquor license:  therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT that the adjacent properties and others interested make their opinion known before the Planning Commission AT THIS MEETING.  What the building will look like, landscaping, parking, dumpster location, etc. is discussed at the planning  meeting and a recommendation will go to the Board of Trustees for a vote.

I think this sounds like a great restaurant for our area. I personally will not be objecting to this project in the Township. However, because the township does have rules/ordinances/zoning in place,  it is up to the public to voice their opinion to help the planning commission form their recommendation to the Board. 


2.  2510 - 2520 Telegraph Rd. ( south of Square Lake Rd. and West of Telegraph Rd.)

The PUBLIC HEARING found as listed on the agenda posted on Nov. 15.
Page 49 to page 152 of the PC Packet on the township website  has details.   Here is a snapshot of those details.

From the website:


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