Sunday, June 2, 2013

REFERENDUM needed on $85 Million Bond Issue

Hi All,
I am asking for HELP.  I need information on how start/write the CORRECT petition for a Referendum, the correct wording, how many signatures needed, etc.  Then, I need signatures.

WHY?  Because I think the $85 Million Bond Issue to pay for the Under-Funded Pension should be discussed and voted on by the taxpayers of Bloomfield Township, MI....   not be a done deal by a vote from 7 Trustees.   A Referendum petition must be submitted in a certain limited time frame.  The clock has already started.

PLEASE, take time to  VIEW the 10 MINUTE public discussion of this $85 Million Bond that was on the May 28, 2013 Board of Trustees agenda.
See audio/video  archived on the township website.
  • The $85 million bond issue begins when the meeting time clock reads:    2:0l:44 and goes to 2:11:50     Once the meeting begins on the screen.... you can click on the white time box and drag to the 2:01:44 start to skip over the first 2 hours of the meeting.


This is the Bl. Twp., MI  general website:
There were 2 study sessions held by the Trustees about Pensions.  The minutes are found...not easily.. at this link:
Once there, Click on Board of Trustees/ click on Board Packets / click on 2013/ found on May 13 (1st SS  meeting minutes) and May 28 (2nd SS meeting minutes)

See also my blog posted BEFORE the May 28 meeting and read the section on the BOND ISSUE.

I posted this message on PATCH.
This is what is on my mind: Bloomfield Township group of 7 Board of Trustees approved an $85,000,000 bond deal (yes $85 million) to fund the UNDER FUNDED portion of pensions. They plan on investing 50% of that money. The only way at this point for the public to hear MORE of the issue / or to be able to vote on the issue is to petition for a REFERENDUM. That process is TIME-LIMITED... 45 days from when it was first published...and who knows when that was. I wrote a blog (on Patch) about the Board of Trustees meeting (May 28) where it was an agenda item. This item had minimal information and minimal discussion before the usual unanimous vote from the 7 trustees. This $85 million bond doesn't even rate a mention on the "home" page of the township website. I guess the rain barrel sale was more important. What I want to know is WHEN are the citizens and taxpayers of Bl. Twp. going to WAKE UP.... and realize that there is MUCH DEBT still owed in many other ways at the township...and bonds get paid FIRST. If/when there is not enough money to pay will be the first to know.

Is there a person out there that can help me understand how to  start the CORRECT petition asking for a REFERENDUM on this BOND issue?  Time is of the essence.

Thank you.

Marcia Robovitsky

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