Saturday, December 21, 2013

Risk and Liability... Should Student Ride to School on a Fire Truck?

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At this time of the year...  why complain?  Why point out things that bother you?  Well, because this is the time of year it is happening.  I read an article about a BHSD student riding to school on a Bloomfield Township fire truck this past Monday, December 16.

I believe there is a relationship between Bloomfield Township and the Bloomfield Hills School District (BHSD) that seems to assume that the township taxpayers will (and often do)  provide special perks for BHSD.   I'd like to point out that there are Bloomfield TOWNSHIP households residing in other school districts that do not get the same perks. (Birmingham schools, Avondale schools and Pontiac schools.)

These perks are not mentioned on Township agendas nor BHSD agendas (to my knowledge)  and I would assume then.... not approved perks by either full board of trustees at a public meeting.

The latest:
Article found on BHSD website ... not the township website.  
Student rides to school on a fire truck.
Not a good idea... what IF  the fire station had an emergency call while the student was in the truck? 
What IF the student got hurt getting in or out of the truck?
What IF there was an accident involving the fire truck?
What IF the firefighter got injured while participating in this "prize"?
What IF.... a lot of things.
This is NOT how our firefighters and trucks should be used.
The township spends over $10,000 to host an open house EVERY year.....  where kids have the opportunity to climb on trucks, etc.

The school should think of another prize for essay contest winners.   The firemen have a charitable foundation.  If the Bloomfield Township firefighters wish to recognize a student's essay on fire safety and be part of a "prize",  why not a small donation.... in the winner's name.... to the school he/she attends.

I believe the school would assign and kids would participate in essay writing.... no matter what the "prize".  Certainly a ride on a fire truck is exciting, but adults responsible for the "prize" decision should consider the risks and liabilities involved.
The winning essay... and good advice.... was posted on the Bloomfield Hills Schools website:

Bottom Line:
Make the prize something that does not include  RISK and LIABILITY to the township taxpayer and to the school district taxpayer.
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  1. I would hope you have more confidence in the BT Firefighters and their leadership as your life is in their hands in the case of emergency. I am sure they have protocol in place when an engine is dispatched or in use.

    As for a small donation, where would this come from? The BHSD budget, BT Budget, or the Firefighters own pocket. I would certainly hope you would not assume the latter.

    As for risk and liability, did you contact the BHSD to see if the parties involved signed waivers?