Monday, December 8, 2014

DEC. 8 @ 7 pm SIX Public Hearings & More on the Agenda

Hi All,
There is a Board of Trustees meeting on MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2014  @ 7 PM.
It is jam packed.  See the full agenda below.    Use this link to get to the BOARD PACKET FOR DETAILS:

 Please pass this email on to others in the township.  Thank you.

AGENDAS 3-8:  Public Hearings...   Golling site plan,   block grant,   Bloomfield Adams Manor sewer special assessment,   Kentmoor(s)  subdivision road repaving,  Planet Fitness site plan and 24 hour use,   Granger Development site plan (senior living)
AGENDAS  9, 10:     This is the time of year that the Board appoints or reappoints the different commissions/ Planning/ZBA/etc.  Again, there was no request or notice posted to the citizens of this township to inquire whether or not anyone was interested in these positions. While they are appointed positions... at least the township could "discover" other talents in this community that may be of value to these committees in the future.

AGENDA 12:  A yearly I see it...  but the township leadership OPTS OUT of a state law... Public Act 152...  
Act 152 of 2011

AN ACT to limit a public employer's expenditures for employee medical benefit plans; to provide the power and duties of certain state agencies and officials; to provide for exceptions; and to provide for sanctions.
AGENDA 15:  THIS AGENDA ITEM HAS TO DO WITH PRUDENTIAL PENSION PLAN.....  right now... I'm not sure any resolution should be passed... since Prudential couldn't even show up or send answers to township questions at the Study Session of Dec. 2.   IF the township has not signed it... and it needs to go back to 2013.... why not wait a few more months... and get more info. from Prudential to OUR questions and concerns?    The below was in the BOARD PACKET....for this agenda item 15:

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