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No Bid Contracts/Pension Funds/FOIA issue/ Building: Roads,Bridge,Water System & more

Hi All,
Starting 2015 with a jam packed Board of Trustees agenda.  Some items need more discussion.
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MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2015 @ 7 PM

Agenda items 2,3,4: all deal with yet ANOTHER road paving project at homeowner's expense (DELL ROSE DRIVE @ $8500 per lot).  This time, the township board is scheduling MANY phases of this procedure on the same day... MONDAY.  So, if you live in that subdivision, and you missed messages during the holidays, you may miss your chance to protest this project.  Agenda # 2 is a PUBLIC HEARING.  Was there 15 day notice? and if so, where?

Agenda item # 5State Rep. Mike McCready.  Nothing in the Board Packet as to what he will say, however, there WILL BE a special election on MAY 5, 2015.  What is on the BALLOT?  Well, a proposed sales tax increase to pay for repairing roads for one.  I have NOT seen the ballot language...maybe we will learn more?  More information added 1/10/15:  a reader sent this information.... still need to hear what McCready has to say:
The May 5 ballot will include a proposal to raise MI sales tax to 7% from the current 6%.
This amounts to a 1% price increase on every single item that you buy, from thumb tacks to automobiles.
The increase will put Michigan into the category of "highest consumer sales tax in the country."
The money will NOT be dedicated to roadway improvements.

Agenda item # 8: BLOOMFIELD VILLAGE AREA:  Water System/ This APPEARS to be another NO BID award for (two) major projects.  It also appears to be a road repavement project in conjunction with the water pipes.  However, the bid was not separated out.  This means all the township taxpayers are paying for this particular street repaving.... while many of us pay a hefty price to do our OWN street in front of the house.

Agenda item #9:  A SAFETY PATH ISSUE... a PROPOSED pedestrian bridge over I-75. The township hopes to get 50% funding from a federal gov. source (TAP) applied for by RCOC. The township seems prepared to go ahead with this project.

However, how much preparation and discussion has gone into this EXPENSIVE project? 
This project will cost twp. taxpayers approx. 1 million dollars. The government TAP program will ALSO pay approx. 1 million dollars.  Any over-costs will be paid by the township.  PLUS ownership and all maintenance/insurance/liability/ etc. issues and cost...for the lifetime of the bridge.  From the township board packet:

Why do this project? There IS a road crossing I-75  at this location: Squirrel Rd.  People and bikes share many roads with other vehicles.  Why not share this road (Squirrel Rd.) and skip the EXPENSIVE bridge?  Just because money MAY be available, doesn't mean the project should be built.

Agenda items 11,12, 13:  all in some way deal with the township PENSION FUNDS.  I have been saying there are problems with the pension fund and the way it was handled.
Downtown Publications  had filed a FOIA concerning documents and those documents were denied by the township.  This agenda item  #12 will deal with the publications appeal to the denial of FOIA documents.    Agenda 13.... is, in my opinion,  the board of trustees way of saying they need help with the pension funds because they really don't understand the complexity.  The problem I see, is... no new "committee" of citizens, etc, will be effective if the BOARD won't tell the taxpayers and the newspaper... what REALLY is happening NOW and what went down in the PAST.

Agenda item #14:  payroll and vouchers.... show us the FIGURES. Where is open and transparent government???
 FYI:  The proposed budget for 20115-2016 has "built in".... according to Supervisor Savoie.... a 2% pay raise for all employees.  So tell me again why the AUG. 2014 millages if failed.... would have resulted in massive layoffs?

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION???   Pay attention to what is going on in the township government.  Look at your taxes vs house value.  Your one time chance each year to fight your assessed value is coming up in March.
The township assessor is offering a workshop:
Property Assessment Seminar February 12
The Bloomfield Township Assessing Department will meet with Bloomfield Township residents on Thurs., Feb .12 1-3:30 PM.

Understanding the Assessment Process.
Preparing for the March Board of Review.
Assessment Formulation
Assessment Appeals.
Call 248-723-3500 to register.

A lot of information.... but actually....same old issues.... year to year, month to month !!!   
I need to buy tickets to that HARMONY concert.... :)  I need to breathe....:)     Marcia

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