Friday, July 24, 2015

Financials Discussed/Details shown in Board Packet

Hi All,
A lot of Bloomfield Township FINANCIAL information in this agenda.  There are 466 pages in the PDF of the Board Packet which gives the DETAILS of the agenda items.  Be sure to choose: Board of Trustees/Board Packet/July 27, 2015.    

Do you think you can read all this ... before the Monday, July 27, 2015 @ 7 pm meeting?

To my knowledge, this may be the first time the township will actually present and discuss some financials as an agenda item in a full/recorded/archived public meeting.  Pension info starts @ page 40/466 of the board packet.

Please note:  that one detailed financial report is ONLY included at the END of the board packet and is NOT part of the public discussion (quarterly investment report: 6/30/15).  Please review that report  on pages  393-457/466 of the Board Packet.

The township also formed a FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY Committee... and one agenda item is a RFP (request for proposal)...... read about that... who will reply/submit bid for that?  Start reading with the study session meeting minutes on page 22/466  and then continue reading for the RFP.

Page 37/466 speaks to the Fire Department request for another Rescue Truck @ $185,475.00.  Perhaps because of the detailed specifications REQUIRED by the township in the bid, 3 of the 4 potential bidders did NOT submit a bid. Only Kodiak Emergency Vehicles (Braun Ambulance) made the bid. No surprise, the township already has 3 Braun Ambulances in the fleet.  Could only this company meet the bid specs?  Just asking.

Payroll and Vouchers:  see figures/recipients:  page 389-392/466  of the Board Packet.

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