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Parcel/Property Taxpayer Info- Bloomfield Township

Hi All,
In my last blog I gave you links to the Bloomfield Township website concerning assessing.  One very important topic was left out of that blog intentionally because of size of information.  Again, I copied much of the information for this blog from that website without using quotation marks.

Many of my friends want to know how I find certain information.  Answer:  learn and explore the township website.  This particular link to parcel/property taxpayer info is an excellent source of data. 

This blog is geared for the first time user and one not very familiar with using the computer or the township website.  My suggestion:  have my blog open on one screen and open the link shown below on another screen.  After reading a paragraph or so of my blog... switch screens and take a look at the website.  Go back and forth between my blog and the website.  In a hurry? Don't need or want a "tutorial" type blog?   Then quickly scan my blog for links or you can go to the home page for  Bloomfield Township.

LET'S GET on below link and follow along with this blog: 
Parcel/Property Taxpayer Info 

On the first screen at this link you will find these topics in the main bar across the top:
  • Logged in as Anonymous User
  • Change unit ( "Bl. Twp. Internet Service"  should be shown at the very top of screen...but this is where you can click to choose other cities, townships that also use this service )
  • Create an account  (simple and free to do/allows more access... try it now)
  • Add to Favorites
  • Login  (if you created an account...enter user name and password you created)
  • Help  (found on some other screens)
From the LEFT side column of the main menu you can search for these services: 
(Note:  This  site is updated with the 2015 Assessing Values data. Name, address, tax statements, as well as assessed and taxable value changes will be updated weekly.)

(Note:  For information on land values, lot size, acreage, legal descriptions, sales information and detailed building information)
  • Property and Land Search
  • Assessing Comparables Search   (gives subdivisions and ways to filter information to do searches....  more information on this link later in the blog..)
Current Tax 
(Note:  For information on current and previous year assessed and taxable values, taxes, PRE, school districts, and taxpayer information)   ( Note:  this does not include Special Assessment District (SAD) billing information)
  • Tax Information Search
Utility Billing 
(Note:  For information on current amount due and historical water consumption data)
  • Utility Billing Search
Back to Main    (gets you back to square one to start a new search)
Access My Gov   (don't forget to go here...TOTALLY DIFFERENT INFORMATION ...but priceless !! )
collapse the menu  (expand the menu would be found under add to favorites and login @ top of screen)

Are you ready for the first search?

You will be amazed to see what is recorded about your property (and others) on the township website including finding the parcel on a map.

While searching you might see a little box with either a plus or minus sign in it beside or before some lines or topics.   Click on that little square. So much more is revealed.  

Maybe some words are underlined or highlighted.  Make sure you click on all of those possible links for more information. 

(Note: some more building dept. searches can be found under Access My Gov category shown at end of this blog.)

 ***Don't forget to use the HELP button if presented to you on any given page.

Personally, I start by clicking "Tax information search" in left column.   You could choose:  Property and Land Search or Utility Search.  It does not matter.  Any one of those categories will then require you to enter the data in just ONE of the following ways :
  • Last name  (Last name only is the preferred search method.)
  • Address    (street name and number... but using ONLY street name gives you ALL the properties on that street that are found in the Township...  be aware that there may be multiple pages given so need to click on each page)
  • Parcel ID #  (Parcel numbers are self-formatting - Format: C -19-##-###-###  )

OK, so let's say you put your last name in the correct box and clicked "search".  
(if you don't own property ie: you rent...Your name will not work/ use an address  or parcel ID#)
Spend time scrolling up and down checking out all the links on that page.   Did you try that?
OK, but you are not finished with all possible searches for your parcel/property.

Next step.... look at the other choices in the left columnYou'll want to click on the topics above the words  "Back to Main".  Go ahead and click on those other topics.  

Try each one.  Did you notice new categories popped up under Property and Land SearchGeneral/Sales, Buildings, Sketches/Images?  Click on those, too.
FYI:  If you are following this should still be getting just data concerning the first property you entered.  We have not switched to another property.

By trying each link you will become familiar with what data is available on the Township website for every property. 

 G.Are you finished with your own home or first search? 
Click on MAIN MENU in the left hand column. 
Start again with a different parcel.  Follow the same steps.
Perhaps you want to know about all the houses on your street.  In that case, just enter the street name but do not fill in any numbers. Are you frustrated because it didn't show up?   Simplify.  Eliminate some words like Lane, Drive, etc. and try again.  Maybe you are spelling it incorrectly? Maybe there is no street by that name in the township.   Have fun exploring this website for parcel/property/taxpayer info.  Still can't find what you are looking for?  Please call the Township Assessor.


Did you notice that the category :  Assessing Comparables Search   has not been discussed?  That is because this category requests different input at the start. It is more detailed than just:  name, address or parcel ID#. 
Click on Assessing Comparables Search from the left hand column.   For this category, you really need to look at it on the website.  It is too complicated to explain in detail in this blog.  I put some "hints"  below this image.

Property Class:

Sale Date Range:

Price Range:

Floor Area Range:

Year Built Range:

Select Multiple Neighborhoods holding down the [Ctrl] key. Leave blank for no filtering.

Neighborhood Filter:

NOTE: The maximum number of Neighborhood filters is 15. Selected Neighborhood filters beyond 15 will not be applied in your search.

Records Per Page:

Most of you will be wanting to compare your home.. so under:   "property class
perhaps choose: res 401  for residential. See the drop down menu for more: ie:   condo, commercial

The really cool part of this link is it gives you ALL the neighborhoods in the Township.  What is the name of your subdivision?  Find it under "neighborhood filter". 

If you choose to fill in the other sections, realize that you are "filtering" or narrowing down what it is you are looking for as a comparable.  Your house is one size... enter a range similar to yours. 

How old is your house?  How much square footage?  What is the price range? When did it sell?  How much did it sell for?

When finding comparables think also:   Have you remodeled? Is it a colonial or a ranch?  Does it have a basement or a slab foundation?  How much acreage? etc.

You can choose to leave some of those sections blank. However, if you are going to choose a house when arguing your taxes,  make sure it compares well to your own data.  Try to stay within your own neighborhood.  Not many homes like yours in your neighborhood?  Find one that is similar.
***REMEMBER to copy down the parcel ID #  of any property you wish to SAVE as a comparable.

****This document is available to view in PDF format. Click here for detailed information on how property is assessed.   This is a pdf/ wait to load.


There is so much data to be found in this section.  Just remember...what "Access My Gov" provides  in this section is dependent on what data the township submits.  Errors or omissions may be possible.
See disclaimer statement in red below. 
Municipal Financial Summary
  • Municipal Financial Summary
    The Municipal Financial Summary contents are intended as a means to provide transparency and accountability to citizens regarding the municipal budget and finances.  Within this area you will find various kinds of summarized and detailed information for multiple years including both tabular and graphical representations of the data.
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**Disclaimer: BS&A Software provides as a way for municipalities to display information online and is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the data herein. This data is provided for reference only and WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind, expressed or inferred. Please contact your local municipality if you believe there are errors in the data.
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Additional Services

****** Hope this blog helped you with this topic:  Parcel/Property Taxpayer Info.

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