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My "VOTE FOR" List w/ websites for Bl. Twp.

Hi All,

Here are the websites for the candidates that I support for Bloomfield Township local government.
Please VOTE on August 2, 2016  or by absentee ballot.

 For the first time in decades, there are actually choices on the ballot for every seat on the Board of Trustees.  Often in the past, an elected official will retire or resign before the end of the term.  The existing board will then choose a "favored" replacement.  That person will usually be on the next ballot running unopposed.  For the most part, no one has challenged the decades long  "family, friends and favors" culture at the township.... until this year. 

This is the year where all 7 elected positions are expiring and all positions have challengers giving the voter a real choice.  That's historic!   All candidates on the August 2 ballot are listed as a Republican.  That is typical. There are no Democratic candidates.  That is strangely typical. Therefore, at this time, the 7 winners at this August 2nd primary will be the next Bloomfield Township leadership. 

My list of preferred candidates have not formed a slate.   I have been listing them together in my email and blog writings for awhile.  Some of them had never met each other before becoming candidates.  Some I had never met until the last few months.
  • I like their vision and goals and ethics.  
  • Their resumes listing their educational and work accomplishments and experiences are impressive.  
  • To me, this group will manage ( not "rule") the township and develop strategic plans for the future.  Policies, procedures, ordinances, zoning will be in place and followed.
  • This group will work together and evaluate and study the issues seeking a balance between employee needs and the services they provide for our safety and well being with the funding the taxpayers are able and willing to provide.
  • Our residential neighborhoods have been the foundation and success of this township.  Commercial development along certain corridors must be developed according to the zoning and ordinances already established.  Variances must be limited.
  • Competitive bidding on jobs will be a priority and vendors will know they have a chance to do work in the township based on their bid and ability to perform.... and not something else. 
  • Work days should be  provided 5 days a week to accommodate residents and contractors and others wishing to do business within the township.
  • My preferred list of candidates believe in providing open and transparent government not just saying it.

 These are the 7  individuals that I proudly support. 

David Thomas for Supervisor:

Susie Kern for Clerk

Dan Devine for Treasurer

David Buckley for Trustee

Jeff Axt for Trustee

Kirk Brannock  for Trustee

Dani Walsh for Trustee

I have attended public meetings at the township for at least the last five years.... the Savoie years as Supervisor.  I have written about what is happening or not happening in my blogs and send an email blast occasionally because the official minutes of the meetings say only that I spoke to the issue.  What did I say?  What facts were mentioned?  How did the board react to my comments?  What decisions did the Board make?  I researched most issues before making those comments.  View the archived Board of Trustees audio/video meetings.    I spoke often on many issues and at the end of the meetings during public comment.  

My previous blogs are archived (see right side column) and tell some of the story of why I am choosing to support many new people and choosing to support current Trustee David Buckley and current Treasurer Dan Devine.  I have witnessed repeatedly at the Board meetings and other meetings the ugly side of power and politics, hype and media bias.  There is another side to the stories that you might have heard or read. There are facts and there are lies. There is bullying and unfair attacks and misrepresentation.  There have been many failures to admit to "conflict of interest" when casting votes by some.  There are pre-determined motions and outcomes before one word is heard.  There have been pre-planned events and agendas items and pre-planned comments by employees and "invited guests" made at Board meetings to attempt to discredit one member in order to promote another.

If you are a Bloomfield Township taxpayer/voter  that cares about policy, procedures, ordinances; making sure that competitive bids are required; setting water and sewer rates that are fair; a nepotism policy that is enforced; an ethics policy that is meaningful;  a policy prohibiting "pay to play; having government offices open for a  5 day work week vs 4 days;  having real open and transparent local government;  and so much more....then please vote for my preferred list of candidates.

Remember to VOTE.   Remember these names:  Dave Thomas, Susie Kern, Dan Devine, Jeff Axt, David Buckley, Kirk Brannock, Dani Walsh.   I believe they will be excellent Board members... because they are all capable individuals willing and eager to work with those who are elected this August 2  to make our township proud.
Thank you.
Marcia Robovitsky
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