Monday, December 12, 2016

12/12/16 Agenda ISSUES/my comments

Hi All,
I have only 3 minutes to comment on 17 agenda items that I have not heard explained by the township board.  My 3 minutes of public comment  will come as AGENDA item # 1.   Can't say all this in 3 minutes... so here are my written comments and opinions on this 12/12/16 agenda.

Board Packet is 257 pages long... has the details the township provided:  @     Board of Trustees/Board Packet/12/12/16

THE PUBLIC HEARING IS IMPORTANT and all that want = may SPEAK AT THIS agenda item.

FAIR WARNING:   Supervisor Savoie has changed the order of the agenda without notice before.  Therefore, please be at the meeting at 7 PM.


Public Comment:   watch this meeting live @ 7pm 12/12/16 :      
PLEASE click on the LIVE STREAMING link.

Keep this blog handy.  See what is discussed.

The minutes to be approved have clearly misrepresented the order of the agenda done 11/28/16.  Agenda item # 3  went before agenda #2.  Then agenda #12 was done.  Then to agenda #4.    The clerk can not just renumber the agenda items in the minutes.

I believe that the positions for the different boards  should be posted and give the township taxpayers the opportunity to be considered for the APPOINTMENTS to those different boards by the Supervisor and the Trustees.   Many of the names have not changed for years.   Time for change.

What is the Grant dollar figure the township is claiming?  Who is the full time employee assigned to N.E.T. ?

DPW  EVENTS... are costly events.  They seem to be funded from the taxpayers CABLE bills  and from dedicated millage money earmarked for  Roads.   Using that money for DPW events from the Cable department seems to be a violation of the Headlee Amendment.  There is free disposal locations that the taxpayers may use.  One is on Coolidge Road between 14 and 15 Mile Rd.   run by SOCWA.   For our township event, is Rizzo the company that benefits?   Where are the overtime wages for these events listed ?   See the township budget.

from the CABLE department preliminary budget:

from the ROAD department preliminary budget

Time to review this expense !  Tree City USA     What budget line item is all of this???

PUBLIC HEARING....   residents may speak to this issue during this agenda presentation
Very dangerous lot split request.
In my opinion,   this is not right.  There are 3 separate lots that have NOT been joined by as one.
I do not believe that someone can buy adjacent lots and then just try to divide it up using the LOT (singular) Split request.
Dangerous, because in our township there are many established subdivisions with large lots and deed restrictions.  The possibility for this to occur in other subdivisions or again in this subdivision is great.
The township will NOT defend the deed restrictions yet seem to encourage this type of lot split on multiple lots to develop a new subdivision within an established subdivision.  That means lawsuit by the existing neighborhood residents to stop deep pocket developers.

NO,   NO,   NO,  NO     Demolish the existing mess at this location and then submit a specific plan to vote on.  There is just a concept.... and no AMENDMENTS to the Development Agreement should be made at this time.   There is a major conflict of interest with Dennis Cowen being the "neutral" party.  He should have recused himself at the very beginning of his appointment.  Supervisor Leo Savoie should not be the Bloomfield Township  representative on the JDC.  Joint Development Council.   Again.  Major conflict of interest for Savoie with Cowen and Redico and Savoies many other real estate deals and other job.