Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm BACK...

Hi All,
Today, I was able to retrieve my archived blogs and blogspot and will be able to continue with my blogging activities.
I eventually found a message that I was shut down automatically by the server because "suspicious activity" was detected.  There was no email notice or phone call from the server.  I met with several people in my attempt to figure out what happened and read the advice from many readers over the weekend.  The editors of the Oakland Press were equally stunned by the loss of the blog.  My link to the paper remained...but no blogs could be read.  After feeling confident that entering more confidential information (that was being asked of me in order to retrieve my blog) on this one particular internet site was NOT going to give any hacker more information, I had success today and I am back! 

I don't know what that "suspicious activity" was...but I would assume someone was trying to hack my blog.  Will this happen again?  Who knows?  I assume that someone ..or many.. don't want what I write to be out there in public for others to read.   However, I won't stop writing about what is happening in Bloomfield Township and my attempts to get a more open and transparent government.  I write what the township does or doesn't do and how those issues/actions may affect the taxpayers.

Have you watched the archived video of the February 13, 2012 Board of Trustees meeting?  During public comment I put "on the record" the fact that I believe my first amendment rights were violated.  I FOIA the township for information about who knew and when they knew that the township government was interfering with my right to attend the two classes offered by the township.

Please take time to watch the video and watch the board response to my "on the record" comment.  The elected officials....and the township attorney....all sat silent at the 2/13/12 board of trustees meeting.  That silence spoke volumes to me. 

This is exactly why I fought for video/audio archiving of these meetings. The right for the public voice to be heard as it relates to the township government.  The printed meeting minutes in the past (and still continuing now) will simply say that: "(insert here the name of any citizen)"  spoke during agenda item: ....and nothing more.  For over a year and a half...I spoke at most board meetings on many different agenda items and during public comment and my words were and still are not part of the written minutes.  What each citizen of this township asks or comments about township government should not be done in private meetings or kept from public record.

The other public meetings: Zoning Board of Appeals; Planning Commission, Design Review Board, study sessions, Public Hearings, etc....should all be video recorded and archived.  I hope that the citizens of Bloomfield Township will ask their government to immediately begin recording those meetings also.  Remember, silence is not an option.  Many voices need to be heard for change to occur.

FYI:  At the conclusion of that 2/13/12 board of trustees meeting, the attorney and all members of the board of trustees  (except Buckley and  Devine) went into the back township office area for more than 10 minutes...and some stayed up to an hour after the meeting.  Was there a violation of the open meetings act?

FYI:  This 2/13/12 archived video of the Monday board meeting didn't make it to the township website until sometime on Thursday. Usually the video is posted on a Tuesday morning, the day after the meeting.  This 2/13/12 archived meeting doesn't even have the blue heading announcing the date like all other archived videos (correct info. as of 2/20/12 @ noon).  Why not?

FYI:  My blog went down...Friday of the same week. Thank you to PATCH....for posting my Patch blog about the information that  "my other blog had disappeared" :    found under   "Local Voices"

Bottom Line: 
I had nothing to do with my blog's disappearance from the internet and I don't know who did the "suspicious activity" that generated the shut down.  But...I'm BACK....

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