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Township Preliminary 2012-2013 Budget To Be Discussed and Other Meetings in February

Hi All,
February will have several important meetings at the township concerning the budget.  It is good to see those notices posted on the twp. website, but you still need to know where to look. Many of these important dates would serve the public better if they were found on the HOME page of the twp. website with a link directed to the details.  Open and transparent serves the entire community.

Monday, February 6, Planning Commission meeting cancelled. 
This was a regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting. The last recorded minutes of the Planning Commission is Nov. 7, 2011.  Why no meetings?

Thursday, February 9 @ 9 am will be a Special Study Session to discuss fiduciary review of investments. 
This morning meeting is open to the public and will be held in the main town hall room. The township is required to have this quarterly.  I did not see any minutes from one traditionally held in September (2011).  The township posted this notice on the website and much earlier than the 18 hour legal required notice on the bulletin board.  While the posting was on a board of trustee agenda page versus the "legal notices" page, it was found.  Thank you to the township, it is appreciated so citizens can arrange their schedules if they wish to attend.  I hope this study session is also video archived and shown on Comcast cable 15 and the computer.

Monday, February 13 @ 7 pm is a regularly scheduled meeting of the board of trustees.
No agenda has been posted at this time.  The agenda will be found at this link.  Board of Trustee meetings are now shown on Comcast cable 15 as it is happening.  Tune in @ 7 pm on 2/13/12 or be at the meeting to participate.  Can't do either?  View the archived meeting the next day on your computer.  Live streaming on your computer will come soon.
Here are some issues that could be on the agenda:
  • I have read in the papers or online that the Maple Theater is planning renovations and improvements along with a request for a liquor license.  Those issues need approvals.
  • I also read that Bill Roberts has signed a lease for another restaurant at Maple and Lahser in the old Blockbuster Video location. I'm sure he will request a liquor license for that proposed restaurant, but there is already a liquor license approval in that corner shopping center..(Honey Tree Grille) and only one is permitted.  Look for a variance request in the near future and other plan approvals.  FYI: Bill Robert's new restaurant: Roadside B&G (in former Brandy's) on Telegraph Rd. should be opening soon.
  • The liquor license request at Woodward and Big Beaver has been denied in the past, but continues to resurface at different meetings. The SE corner is still under construction. Issues will need to come before different boards.
  • There is an expiring 2012 public safety millage for 2.5 mills which would represent about $8-9 million dollars to that budget fund.  Supervisor Savoie revealed to the UHOA membership that vote would be on an August 2012 ballot.  The full board must make the decision to place it on a ballot, the citizens decide by voting whether or not to approve the funding. Since 3 months of the proposed preliminary budget will be in 2013...contingencies need to be discussed in the "what if the millage fails" for the 2012-2013 public safety portion of the budget.
  • An official update on the Bloomfield Park skeleton of buildings on Telegraph Rd. north of Square Lake would be appropriate as this was also mentioned recently in print and online news.
  • I'm not sure if the assessment notices need board approval to be mailed, but those are mailed in February with the Board of Review (if contesting) and those appointments need to be scheduled in early March.
Tuesday, February 14 @ 7 pm  is the regularly scheduled Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.
The current  ZBA full agenda and board packet is not posted at this time but can be reviewed later or at the township planning department now.  The legal notice of the meeting, which requires a 15 day noticing, can be found on the township website under "legal notices" and the addresses and main issues for the next meeting are revealed.  Check this today to see if anything in your neighborhood or concerns are on the "legal posting version" of the agenda.

Wednesday, February 15 @ 2 pm is the regularly scheduled Design Review Board meeting.
The members of that Board are Savoie, Devine and Roncelli.  They are the first step for many projects. Review the agenda when it is posted.  Remember, this is an afternoon meeting and presently not video recorded and archived.

Tuesday, February 21 @ 4 pm is now scheduled to be a full board meeting rather than a study session. 
Since this will be a Board of Trustee meeting, it means that decisions can be made, motions made and votes taken.  The stated purpose of the meeting is to focus on the preliminary budget review.  There should be an agenda posted before the meeting.  This meeting should also be video recorded and archived.  You will be permitted 3 minutes to speak to each agenda item if you wish.

Monday, February 27 cancelled.
This was a regularly scheduled board of trustee meeting.  Personally, I think this would have been an excellent time to hold another budget meeting for those that cannot leave work for the earlier morning and late afternoon planned meetings.  A missed open and transparent opportunity to reach more in the community.

***Not a government meeting but an organization of subdivisions within Bloomfield Township.

***  Wednesday, February 15 @ 7:30 pm meeting of the UHOA has been changed from a general meeting to a meeting of the Directors and Officers only.
The officers and directors will review the by-laws and association concerns that need addressing this year.  The UHOA website will undergo some changes in the near future. The next general membership meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21.  New member subdivisions are welcomed throughout the year. 

At the January annual UHOA meeting, Sue Bernstein was elected president and Michele Margosian is the new vice president.   Former  president Richard Moxley will remain as a director.  Former vice-president, Jon Levin recently moved to another community.  Other officers are: Doug Gentry, treasurer and Linda Ulrey, secretary.  All subdivisions in Bloomfield Township may join this organization and also have the option to purchase group liability insurance for their own subdivision officers.

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