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Tri Party Cost Participation Agreement and MORE COSTS Mentioned -Agenda Item #7 - March 12 @ 7 pm

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Here is another agenda item that needs to be READ on page 89 - 100  in the Board Packet for March 12.

Agenda Item #7:   Consider Approval of Tri-Party Cost Participation Agreement

Tri-Party funding is money that comes from three parties:  Oakland County Government, Oakland County Road Commission and the "community": Bloomfield Township Government.  Each party puts in an equal amount of money toward an approved road repair.  The total amount this year is $245,057  or   $81,685 each. 

The proposed project for this contract is Andover Road. The following is from the letter in the board packet on p. 89 - 90 stating in part:

On the surface, this seems like a good deal.  The township pays 1/3 of the cost of repairing Andover Road.  But, there is more to this story.  There is a line item in that Tri-Party Agreement that states the township is responsible for 100 % of any costs over the $245,057 Tri-Party funds.  There is language in the letter that indicated there definitely WILL be more costs than the Tri-Party budget.

From the letter on p. 89 - 90 in the Board Packet in part:

From the letter on p. 89 - 90 in the board packet in part:

These statements indicate that there definitely will be more costs.    Question:  WHAT AMOUNT has the township set aside for Andover Rd.?  We know there is the $81, 685 payment for the township share of the tri-party costs.  How will the public know that the township is staying within the budget for Andover Rd. when no budget number is given for the EXTRA costs above and beyond the tri-party funds? 

Bottom Line:  When there is a BUDGET....stay within it.  The Tri-Party Agreement gives only so much money...$245,057 to be exact. The township has made decisions to stay within the budget other years with Tri-Party Funds.  See 2010 below.   Are there other roads in the township that could be repaired within the allotted budget of the Tri-Party funds?  I'd say, most likely.   The trustees should vote NO as presented.  With considerable extra costs being 100% the responsibility of the township taxpayers, this dollar figure or estimated cost should be made public at this meeting before the vote. 

FYI:  2011 and 2011 Tri-Party Agreements
There was a Tri-Party agreement made at a board of trustees meeting July 11, 2011.

There was a Tri-Party agreement made at a board of trustees meeting July 26, 2010.

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