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Design Review Board @ 2 PM WED., April 18, 2012

Hi All,
Sorry to get this to you so late.  The township does not have to post until 18 hours before the meeting.  For some reason, my computer does NOT receive the internet from the township when everyone else receives the information.  I have confirmed this with others.  Strange.  In fact, at this hour (10:15 pm), I do not have the April 18 agenda on my internet....but received it via email from a friend.  Does anyone know what is happening with my computer and the township internet postings?  I get ALL other internet information immediately from other sources.

The Design Review Board Meeting:
The township should include the minutes of April 4 (that they intend to approve at this meeting) in a board packet with other details about the other agenda items.  There is NO packet.  What do those minutes say?  Go to this link to read the minutes IF the township will actually post it. I believe those minutes will have information on the Maple Theater and liquor license and other items.

As predicted:  the township CANCELLED the Planning Commission meeting that was supposed to be on Monday, April 16.  Therefore, the minutes from the only meeting this year on April 2...are not "approved" and posted on the website.   They could do it and put "draft" at the heading.  They won't.  Not open and transparent government....by design.

I hate to repeat myself...but IF THE MEETING was RECORDED and ARCHIVED...we would all know what happened at that meeting.  The agenda of that meeting was a site plan review of the Maple Theater project.... ie:  liquor license...zoning change...special hours of operation...etc.  Too bad the public was not aware of the meeting or the issues.  A tabled liquor license policy agenda item was cancelled in January...because of citizens calls and concerns.  That agenda item has not been seen again at the Board of Trustees....but....issues are being dealt with behind the scenes and not in the newspaper or website.

For this Design Review Board meeting @ 2 PM  4/18....  the other issue besides no minutes to read and no board packet is: section D Site Plans.  This board should NOT be doing site plans.  That should go to planning commission. Why was the PC cancelled on Monday?  They could have reviewed these plans.

My answer....the three elected officials like to see things first...and then send it on to another committee with "recommendations".  I can't say they tell the next committee how to VOTE on the issues/site plans....but.... somehow....

The three elected officials:  Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer  should NOT BE DOING SITE REVIEW.  There is a citizen committee to do that.  This meeting should not be at 2 PM when many citizens cannot attend.  There should be a board packet to review.  This is a public meeting and should be recorded and archived on the township website.  These same three officials...also have the final vote with the 4 trustees on site plans.  Not right!


Unless YOU speak up and contact the township...they will continue to keep the public meetings out of the public eye. ASK for all public meetings to be recorded and archived on the township website.  They have the cameras and they have the money from your cable PEG fees every month. No excuse!

The 4 trustees do NOT have township email addresses to my knowledge.  The trustees SHOULD be available to the public via township email. They need to hear your voices, also.

Leo Savoie:  lsavoie@bloomfieldtwp.org
Jan Roncelli:  JRoncelli@bloomfieldtwp.org
Dan Devine:  ddevine@bloomfieldtwp.org

Bloomfield Township Auditorium
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 2:00 p.m.

I. Attendance
II. Approval of Minutes:
A. Approval of the Design Review Board Minutes of April 4, 2012

III. Tabled Items:
1. 1727 Telegraph Rd. – Roadside Bar and Grill – Seasonal Outdoor Seating

IV. New Items:
A. Special Events:
1. 4200 Quarton Rd. – BHMS - Charity Fun Run

B. Signs:
1. 37100 Woodward Ave. – Level One Bank – Wall Sign
2. 43121 Woodward Ave. – The Medical Pharmacy – Wall Sign
3. 1617 S. Opdyke Rd. – Hungry Howie’s – Wall Sign
4. 1507 Telegraph Rd. S. – urbanscapesdetroit – Wall Sign

C. Site Improvements:
1. 1507 Telegraph Rd. S. – urbanscapesdetroit - Gates

D. Site Plans:
1. 1651 Telegraph Rd. S. – Motor City Sports – Automobile Sales
2. 2510 / 2520 Telegraph Rd. – New Construction – Retail Center

V. General Business:

A. Recent Design Review Board Approvals
B. Next Meeting Date – Wednesday, May 2, 2012
C. Public Comment

VI. Adjournment
Posted: Tuesday, April 17th , 2012

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