Friday, October 10, 2014

Bloomfield Park/Service Contracts/Investments/Comcast/Midwest Cable more 10/13/14 @7 PM

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Here is the agenda for the Board of Trustees  Monday, Oct. 13 @ 7 PM   meeting.

Supervisor Savoie is presenting "DISCUSSIONS"  as agenda items # 4 and #5  on several issues.  Those ought to be interesting...will it actually be the 7 member board discussing issues or will it be Supervisor Savoie "going on the record"  ... telling us what they already decided to do for those issues?   There is NOTHING in the Board Packet for those agenda items.  I have a feeling that these "discussions" are a result of the study session meeting...that didn't go well on Sept. 15, 2014,  about Pay-to-Play and Investment decisions.

Don't forget to READ the STUDY SESSION MINUTES from Sept. 15....that are in this BOARD PACKET:  which was on Pay-To-Play/ Investment decisions and other matters.  The meeting did NOT go as planned.  Basically, the meeting was tabled after 2 hours of ??? ... and I wrote about that meeting the next day in my blog.  Missed that blog?  You can review my blog about  that same meeting:

Agenda # 6:  Will we still have Comcast Cable???   Will many of our Comcast email addresses change in the future??   It appears the township will approve a 60 day extension of the existing Comcast Cable Franchise agreement tonight.
Meanwhile, the township has REJECTED the new Comcast/Midwest Cable proposal.  Will the old Comcast (soon to be Midwest Cable)  still be in the township's future?  The Township is not happy about  LOSING some of the PERKS they negotiated with Comcast in 1999.  Those perks the township received free, actually cost other communities  $$ big bucks to get. 

What will the Township be able to negotiate with the new Midwest Cable Company?   What if Midwest does NOT want to give the Township those PERKS?  Will this discussion be part of this agenda item?

To view DETAILS for each agenda item...AND THIS STEP IS OFTEN IMPORTANT..... you need to view the BOARD PACKET :   
Go to:
Then click on Board of Trustees/ then click Board Packet/ then click 2014/ then click Oct. 13, 2014/  then WAIT for the PDF to load on your computer.

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