Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bl. Twp. PRIMARY Election Results 8/2/16

Hi All,
The  Bloomfield Township August Primary election results are:
Leo Savoie    Supervisor
Brian Kepes   Treasurer
Jan Roncelli   Clerk

Trustees are:

David Buckley
Michael Schostak
Neal Barnett
Dani Walsh

These names will be on the November 2016 ballot,  running unopposed as there are no Democratic candidates.

While the 7 well educated and extremely qualified citizens that took the time and effort to campaign for a spot on the Bloomfield Township government  (that I was supporting)  were only able to put 2 Trustees on the November ballot,  I am very proud of all seven and will always call them my friends.   It was an historic election,  the citizens had CHOICES for the first time in decades. 

I hope all  of my readers and their neighbors... will become more involved in Bloomfield Township issues and attend the many meetings.  Be informed!   After this November election,   the township local elections for the 7 positions will be in 4 years..2020.   Will you be one of the candidates then?

For the record and my opinion:

I will always believe that the media played an extremely biased role in this election and I will always believe that Supervisor Savoie and what I called his "gang" of Trustees also had an "orchestrated and quite evil campaign"  against Treasurer Dan Devine.   Many of the archived Board of Trustees audio/video meetings are proof of that.  Someday, more of you may come to realize that point.   Reading some of my archived blogs will also tell the story.

The next step for me is to keep being the WATCHDOG.    I hope you will continue to accept my emails and to read my  messages.

Thank you for voting.  The township has 34,884 registered voters.  The number of ballots "officially"  cast was 11,117 or about 1/3 of the eligible voters.   Unfortunately, the actual number of  people taking the time to submit the ballot was 11,734.   But, because there were  502 people that actually filled out the absentee ballot  and 65 people that went to the polls that did not have their ballots counted.... not for any of the candidates and not for any of the  millage proposals ...the "official" numbers of ballots cast is reported as  11,117.    Those 567 ballots that did not count could have changed the results.  Apparently those 567 ballots had entries for Republican and Democratic people.. and at the PRIMARY.... you many only vote for ONE party.     Wish more people read my blog about making sure your absentee ballot counts before voting:

Stayed tuned for more.... my goal is and always has been... to have honest, transparent government for the taxpayers of our community, Bloomfield Township.


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