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Make sure your ABSENTEE BALLOT is counted !

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Please note:  the sample ballot in this blog is from Bloomfield Township, Michigan for the August 2, 2016  Primary  and from Precinct # 8.   Other precincts may have different ballots as they may have school proposals included and/or different DELEGATES to the convention for you to choose. Click here to view your sample ballot for your precinct.

I would like to remind all VOTERS.... that in a PRIMARY election, such as the one being held on August 2, 2016  that  
only one political party may be voted.  YOU choose which party.

Therefore, when you receive your ballot, either absentee or at the polls,  the DIRECTIONS say:
That means you choose to vote the Republican section of the ballot ..OR.. you choose to vote the Democratic section of the ballot.   IF you circle in choices from both political parties, meaning IF you choose some Republicans and also some Democrats your ballot will be tossed out and none of your votes will count.   You have "spoiled" your ballot.  It is no good.  It will not be counted.  None of it.   Everything you did... will not be counted.  So please be careful when voting.

When you vote at the polls you place your completed ballot in the tabulating machine before you leave the building.  Wait, listen, if you made any errors the machine will beep and return that ballot to you.  It was NOT counted.  That is a warning to you that you chose from both political parties and your ballot will not count.   The election worker will ask you if want to get a new ballot?  Say yes... make your vote count!    Remember to choose just one party on the ballot and to vote the proposals.

One purpose of the primary election is to narrow down the choices for the November ballot and to decide the outcome of any proposals. These proposals will not be on the November ballot.

So the Republicans choose from their section of the ballot at the Primary and the Democrats choose from their section of the ballot at the Primary and everyone votes on the ballot proposals. 

In November, the winning Republicans and the winning Democrats from the August Primary are added with the other political party candidates and they will be listed on the ballot together.  In November, you may choose any candidate of your choice from the ballot as you wish... some Republicans, or some Democrats, or some other political party....  or a straight ticket.  The choice is yours.

Make sure you read the small print on the ballot that informs you of how many to vote for in each category:  ie:

    etc.    READ the directions and the fine print !!!  Follow the directions!!

Remember,  if you make a mistake (choosing names from both the Republican or Democratic sections) on your absentee ballot,  you are out of luck.  You will not be in the room when the absentee ballots are tabulated and you will not be there to hear a beep from the machine.  No one is going to call you and ask you to come down and fix the ballot.  It is too late.   You will not have the chance to redo the ballot.   Absentee ballots must be done very carefully for them to be counted.

SO, IF you think you made an error and already submitted your absentee ballot to the township,  please contact the Clerk's office right away. If your submitted absentee ballot is still in the sealed envelope,  I believe you can VOID your absentee ballot and get a new one.  HOWEVER, you can NOT wait until the last day.   Don't be afraid to admit that you messed up your ballot.  Voting is important and everyone wants YOU to be sure your vote counts.

If you decide NOT to use your absentee ballot, but decide to go to the polls on August 2, 2016  please take your absentee ballot with you.   Tell the election workers you no longer want to use your absentee ballot.  The election worker will take the unused absentee ballot and  clearly mark it as "spoiled".   You will be issued a new ballot at the polls.  You will vote the new ballot at the polls.  ONLY ONE ballot can count... therefore, you must return the absentee ballot that you received in the mail.

Absentee ballots  that you have filled out need to be returned to the Clerk's office. 
There is a deadline to submit.  Don't be late !

Below is a partial picture of the 2 sections... Republican Party Section and Democratic Party Section.

On the real ballot, there is a third column which is about the ballot PROPOSALS... In our township those proposals are:
  • Road millage
  • Public Safety millage
  • Zoo millage.  
ON some ballots there may even be school district ballot proposals (Avondale).  It all depends on where you live and what school district your children would attend.

The last thing that I would like to remind you to do is to TURN THE BALLOT OVER... there are two sides to the ballot to fill out. As you can see on this particular ballot, there are only Republican candidates in the LOCAL election.  There are no Democratic candidates at the Bloomfield Township local election.   So,  if you voted Democratic on one side of the ballot for the Aug. 2, 2016  primary ballot  there are no Democratic candidates for you to choose on the reverse side.   Again... see the directions:  Vote only 1 party section... and it must be the same party on both sides of the ballot .... OR... your ballot will be tossed out and not tabulated and counted.

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