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RE-ELECT Trustee David Buckley - Video clip LINK

Hi All,

August 2, 2016  the citizens of Bloomfield Township have the opportunity to finally choose from a list of candidates who will represent them at the local level.   It's been decades since there have been challengers.

One incumbent,  Trustee David Buckley,   deserves to be RE-ELECTED.   Below are his words on being a Trustee,  why he is seeking your vote,  and which other candidates for Trustee he is supporting.   I agree with his position and fully support the four candidates that call themselves:  TEAM TRUSTEE.   

I also included web links for the new candidates.  For Trustee Buckley,  I included his brave and marvelous 8-9 minutes of "public comment" concerning a major agenda item on 4/13/15... last year.    This might help you understand why Aug. 2 votes matter.   Thank you. Marcia

Mr. Buckley's letter to the Bloomfield Township residents: 

This Tuesday’s Township election, August 2nd, will shape the direction of our community for at least the next 4 years.   Thank you all that have supported me as one of your Trustees the last 14 years.  It is an honor and responsibility I take very seriously.
I promise to continue to keep your interests front of mind, listen, gather all the facts and act accordingly.
More importantly, a majority of resident supporting Trustees is needed to assure our voice is heard.  I know all the Trustees and have made it a point to get to know all the candidates.
The other current Trustees follow behind the current Supervisor and one of the Trustees due evidently to personal issues misses more meeting than she attends.  I stepped away from serving as a County Commissioner when the needs of my family clearly surpassed my ability to serve, I would expect the same from anyone representing my lifelong home.

Dani Walsh, Jeff Axt and Kirk Brannock are my choices for the other three Trustee positions!

Dani Walsh is breath of fresh air, she brings a lifetime of community knowledge, a strong academic and professional background and the ability to eloquently make her point.

Jeff Axt is a Township “East-sider” like me!  He is passionate about protecting private property rights, has proven himself professionally in several fields of business and like many of us; he and his wife, are raising their young son while caring for an elderly parent in their home.

Kirk Brannock is literally the “chairman of the board”!  He rose to the rank of President with a division of a Fortune 25 company, retired young and chose to move back to his home with his wife and 2 daughters.  He has the skills, background and professionalism to be a leader on the Board of Trustees; something our great community deserves.

This is not a group of candidates recruited to round out a ballot but truly 3 individuals very concerned about their community that not only have the skills to do an outstanding job but the guts to take it on.

Please join me in voting Dani Walsh, Jeff Axt, Kirk Brannock and  David Buckley !   Team Trustee!

Thank you.
David Buckley


David Buckley, Bloomfield Township resident, current TRUSTEE and candidate for RE-ELECTION

At a VERY IMPORTANT  4/13 /2015 Board of Trustees meeting.... over one year ago.... David Buckley left his seat as a trustee and went to the podium to speak as a resident... to the Board and to the residents.  

 The agenda item then:

PLEASE listen to Trustee David Buckley speak/   time marker of video  2:16:00 to 2:25:37 
 go to:     “Board of Trustee Meeting 4.13.15”
The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/124934765
Note:  please be patient while video loads.. takes time :)

ALSO, please, make some time to view the entire video section of AGENDA # 5 from start to finish.  Remember,  this was an agenda item in April of last year... 2015.   Listen to others speak at public comment on this agenda item.

This is another reason why I recommend:  Team Trustee  and 3 others on August 2, 2016

Kirk Brannock, Bloomfield Township resident, candidate for TRUSTEE

Jeff Axt, Bloomfield Township resident, candidate for TRUSTEE

Dani Walsh, Bloomfield Township resident,  candidate for TRUSTEE.  

Don't forget to vote for the other candidates:
Dave Thomas for Supervisor
Susie Kern for Clerk
Dan Devine  for Treasurer..... RE-ELECT 


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