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Clerk and Supervisor/ Illegal FOIA/ Cancelled Meeting

Hi All,
 I went to the Board of Trustees link at the township only to find:
Notice of Cancellation

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016,

MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2016, AT 7:00 P.M.

How convenient for Savoie and his "gang".... no chance for the public to comment before the election.

Well,  The Clerk sets the agenda.... Trustee David Buckley REQUESTED an agenda item for this meeting about ABSENTEE BALLOTS.  He is an alternate on the election committee.  He first request just another election committee meeting, which was denied.  So he requested an agenda  item.  He was not told no to the agenda item.  However, the Clerk decided (with others?)  just to cancel the next Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for 7/25/16 instead..... and did not notify either David Buckley or Dan Devine that the meeting was cancelled.  The Clerk did not change the home page of the township website to announce the meeting was cancelled.  The cancellation notice was found elsewhere.

IS the CLERK.... deliberately denying and obstructing the request of a trustee for a timely public discussion concerning absentee ballots and the process from start to final count?   YES, in my opinion.   The Clerk had no problem assigning agenda items on 7/11/16  for employee Jason Theis, or attorney Bill Hampton,  or Supervisor Savoie.  So why no agenda item for Trustee David Buckley?  Is it because he is not part of their new slate?  David Buckley has been a trustee for 14 years and deserves to be RE-ELECTED.  Why can't his voice and request be heard this Monday?

Jan Roncelli, as Clerk ... should have a meeting agenda (at minimum) for every scheduled Board of Trustees meetings  for  the following reasons:

1.  approval of the minutes from the last meeting
2.  payroll and vouchers  ....  the Board of Trustees.... should/must/ required/ shall  ????  approve these expenditures before the checks are mailed/delivered
3.  public comment.
Leo Savoie  and his "gang"  would definitely agree to a cancelled meeting just to avoid any public comment  before the AUG. 2  PRIMARY ELECTION.  

That  "Public Comment"  agenda item  did not go well for Leo Savoie and his "gang"   at the July 11, 2016  Board of Trustees meeting.
Check out “Board of Trustee Meeting 7.11.16” by Bloomfield Township on Vimeo.   The video is available for your viewing pleasure at:
This cancellation of the 7/25/16  Monday Board of Trustees meeting is my opinion.... a way for Leo Savoie and Jan Roncelli and Brian Kepes and Neal Barnett and Corinne Khederian  to silence the voices of the candidates that oppose them before the  Aug. 2  Primary election.  The people just mentioned should be voted OUT OF OFFICE. 

JULY 11, 2016  Board of Trustees meeting:   
Here is what I wrote BEFORE the 7/11/16 meeting about Agenda # 7 :

Is this another surprise message from our township?  The Trustees allegedly see the SAME board packet as the citizens.    Does that mean, the trustees will hear the legal and financial update at the SAME TIME as the public?  Why is it only the employee, Finance Director Jason Theis and attorney Bill Hampton privileged to know the details in advance?  Why no data ahead of time?  Shouldn't the Trustees know ahead of time?  Why not inform the public?

Here are my unofficial minutes of agenda item #7 AFTER the meeting:
WELL...not really Legal and Financial township matters......  what actually happened was allegedly, both gentlemen wanted to "clear up"  some campaign literature "statements"  only on the OPPOSING candidates flyers  and requested to be put on the agenda.  Supervisor Savoie claimed he was not party to the request by both men. Right.  They each spoke at length.... allegedly ... with "facts".  NOT.    Then Supervisor Savoie  denied public comment.  No rebuttals.  Nothing.   Savoie and "gang"  just used the Board of Trustees meeting and televised show to promote THEIR propaganda.

Here is what I wrote BEFORE the 7/11/16  meeting about agenda item #8:

Another surprise agenda item...  or is it really DAMAGE Supervisor Savoie?   Again, he requested this agenda item... perhaps in conjunction with the Clerk's office.... as both did something illegal.... my opinion.

Will Savoie confirm the he used FOIA to obtain the township citizens emails and had those emails copied onto a CD disk?  He paid 33 cents for those emails.   Will he confirm that he directly or indirectly gave those emails/CD disk  to someone that used those township E-News emails to send "propaganda" literature supporting himself/ Leo Savoie and his slate?
Someone (who?) created a domain name (but kept the name "private and restricted")   on 6/27/16 around 4:30 pm  choosing a domain name  appearing  very township official-like...(  and that recently created domain name then sent an email to many township residents on 6/30/16  around 4 pm  ... promoting Leo Savoie and his slate of candidates....

This is how I saw the BOGUS  email in my inbox:
    From:     Bloomfield Township Elections <>
    Subject:     Eccentric Endorses Candidates
    Date:     June 30, 2016 4:01:13 PM EDT
    To:     Marcia Robovitsky <>

THIS  email was NOT from the township.  It was paid for by:  Retain Leo Savoie, Bloomfield Township Supervisor. 

After I received that email, and on the same day, I spoke with Deputy Clerk Deana Mondock and was told certain information.  I then decided to  FOIA on June 30, 2016 via phone (at closing time  5:25 pm) with Deputy Clerk Deana Mondock.... asking  for the same CD disk of email addresses that Leo Savoie got from the Cable Dept.  and paid 33 cents for.   

I received a notice a week later on 7/7/16. that my FOIA request response is extended an extra 10 days due to "the nature of my request"  and the response will be due on FRIDAY, July 22, 2016.   Offices are closed on Fridays.  So, does that mean, I won't get the answer to my FOIA request until Monday, July 25?   

Below is what was at the bottom of the "propaganda" email sent  from:    " "
.... which APPEARED to come from the township clerk's office... but not.... it came from the "Retain Leo Savoie.."   and from the same company that does our township E-News distribution: Constant Contact.   Please note:   I never "subscribed" to Leo's email was from township E-News email list... which I did subscribe to with understanding of privacy.
 Paid for by: Retain Leo Savoie, Bloomfield Township Supervisor, 
6855 Colby Lane, Bloomfield Twp, MI 48301
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Sent by
 in collaboration with    Constant Contact 

Here are my unofficial minutes of agenda # 8 on 7/11/16  AFTER the meeting:

Supervisor Savoie claims he talked with attorney Bill Hampton and was told he could FOIA the Township E-News  email list.  Hampton claimed he didn't know for what purpose.  The clerk, Jan Roncelli, stayed quiet during Savoie's  agenda item.  It was her office that granted the FOIA to Supervisor Savoie... illegally. They both had to know it was illegal to FOIA  because of statements on the site saying the emails are private.    Savoie claimed that it wasn't until someone else filed a FOIA asking for the same information (me) that they thought... oh, this might be illegal.  Let's get an attorney opinion.  RIGHT.
Savoie admitted to using the emails...claiming done innocently ... but still has the CD disk.. but he won't use it again until he hears the "legal opinion".   RIGHT.   How many copies were made? Just asking.
Then the ... "no public comment"  decree by Supervisor .... to this agenda item... was reconsidered after pressure by Treasurer Dan Devine.     I spoke as did many candidates that are on the Aug. 2nd ballot as well as others in the audience.  Most of the comments were NOT favorable to Savoie and his "gang".  
The next agenda item was payroll and vouchers. Quickly approved as usual.  Does anyone really look?
THEN... public comment  agenda item always found at the end of the meetings .... and MORE was said... again.. making Savoie unhappy to say the least.   You need to watch the meeting... you can "drag"  the audio/video  time line to go where you would like to view

WHAT happened with my FOIA request for the same E-News email list/  information? is July 22, 2016... and I received an email from Deputy Clerk, Deana Mondock stating  my "REQUEST FOR PUBLIC RECORDS - Email addresses used in the distribution of the Bloomfield Township E-News"   ...... has been DENIED.  

So from June 30 to July 22,  the township "sought legal opinion"  and concluded that the E-News email list cannot be FOIA.... that doing so is a violation of privacy.   Meanwhile Supervisor Savoie was given that list prior to June 30, 2016 and has used those emails at least once to benefit him and his slate.  Illegal.

Now... I knew it was illegal... but Leo Savoie got these E-News emails from the township under the FOIA.... and so I wanted to see if I could get the same information from FOIA.  Answer... NO.

Therefore, it is my conclusion that the CLERK'S office granted a FOIA illegally to Supervisor Savoie.  He has used the information gained through that FOIA  to send "propaganda" literature for his and his slates benefit. Also illegal.   I'll go as far to say that in my opinion - that both the Clerk's office and the Supervisor, Leo Savoie and the Cable Department that produced the CD,  knew  giving out the E-NEWS  email addresses were illegal... BEFORE  he obtained them.  But like other issues,  illegal signs, etc....  Supervisor Savoie and others at the township, keep doing what they want.  without facing consequences or legal action.

SO... during this campaign cycle.... there have been illegal signs... that still remain.....  there was an illegal FOIA with information used to send propaganda.... there has been agenda items aimed at discrediting political opponents,  .... there has been Cable shows produced... promoting/presenting candidates at their current job.... an indirect way of supporting just them with your cable fees.   There has been a cancellation of an important Board of Trustees meeting... "for lack of agenda items"  but in most minds to silence the opposition in this election.  The "papers"  are totally biased and their endorsements are based on spin provided from the township meetings of their prewritten prepared "testimony" at board meetings rather than reporter investigation and facts.

All above are Leo Savoie and his "gang" ....  to keep the good going.... as his slogan says.    Is all the above good for YOU?  NO.

Copied from a previous blog:
If you are a Bloomfield Township taxpayer/voter  that cares about policy, procedures, ordinances; making sure that competitive bids are required; setting water and sewer rates that are fair; a nepotism policy that is enforced; an ethics policy that is meaningful;  a policy prohibiting "pay to play; having government offices open for a  5 day work week vs 4 days;  having real open and transparent local government;  and so much more....then please vote for my preferred list of candidates.

Remember to VOTE.   Remember these names:  Dave Thomas, Susie Kern, Dan Devine, Jeff Axt, David Buckley, Kirk Brannock, Dani Walsh.   I believe they will be excellent Board members... because they are all capable individuals willing and eager to work with those who are elected this August 2  to make our township proud.


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