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45 year RESIDENT- Questions Political Circular Statement/ Police Chief/Kepes/Devine

Hi All,
Another message from a concerned citizen... that I am forwarding to you with his permission. 
Below begins the messages from Mr. O'Grady:
Just an added note:  The issue here is that of Brian Kepes, who is running for Township treasurer against Dan Devine, and the political circular I referred to was published by Kepes, who quoted, or misquoted the police chief.  The questionable integrity in this is Kepes.

I added this, because I didn’t want the main issue to get lost.


On Jul 13, 2016, at 11:22 PM, GJ OGrady <> wrote:


I sent this material to our subdivision and to those who might find it of value, with the integrity of our township staff being an issue.

I have lived in Bloomfield Township for more than 45 years.  This is my first encounter, but if you find it of interest, please share it with others who have a similar interest.  As to whether of not I receive recognition is of no concern to me.  As I told the police chief in a one and only telephone conversation, I was greatly annoyed to see a political circular based upon hearsay, based upon hearsay.

You can go on-line and see the “set-up” or the “sting” against Devine, see the July 13, 2015 Bloomfield Township Trustee Meeting, starting at approximately 45 minutes into the meeting, Agenda 5.  As I could determine, that part of the meeting was designed to hank Devine.

Note too that I don’t know any of the people.  I don’t have a dog in this fight.  I just didn’t think it was right.  Little people - with more responsibility than they can handle.  It seemed like a “gang” hit.

G. J. O'Grady

Subj: Political Circular disparaging Dan Devine
To all of you, Greetings.

Yesterday, July 7, 2016, I received a political circular promoting Brian Kepes for township treasurer, and disparaging Dan Devine, by way of a statement attributed to township Police Chief, Geof Gardard.
I responded to the circular, by letter, addressed to Geof Gaudard,

Essentially, I asked Chief Gaudard to clarify his statements, quoted by Kepes, which were basically abstract innuendo and rhetoric, disparaging Dan Devine who is running for reelection for Bloomfield Township Treasurer.

Note that, typically,  I don’t support any of political candidates, except with my private vote.  But, in this instance I found it necessary to take a more specific and public position.

I below is a copy of my letter to the police chief.   If any of you in our subdivision or neighboring subdivisions have any comments, I would like to know your thoughts.

Gerald J. O’Grady

July 7, 2016

Geof Gaudard, Bloomfield Township Police Chief
Bloomfield Township Police Department
4200 Telegraph Road,
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  48302

Subject:  Political Mailing - Brian Kepes

This afternoon, I received a mailing circular promoting Brian Kepes for Treasurer. On one side of the circular, Kepes promotes himself by apparently quoting you, following a Header, which reads:  "We can't trust Treasurer Dan Devine"

Note here that I don't know Kepes or Devine, nor have you and I ever met.  But, I take strong issue when I see rhetorical, unsupported hearsay of the kind attributed to you, in which Kepes illustrates, what I assume to be, your photograph, followed by your statement, of July 13, 2015:

"My officers said they had concerns about Mr. Devine's conduct and ability to handle finances in the township.  His thought processes were not normal.  They thought it would impact his ability to perform as treasurer."

So, to clarify this statement I ask:

Who are the officers?  Certainly, if you are going to reference people with such a definitive and alarming statement, we should know who they are rather than just give a vague reference such as "my officers."

Does that mean all of your officers, some of your officers, two of your officers - - Names, please!

What "concerns" did these officers have about Mr. Devine's conduct?  And, be specific!

What "concerns" did these officers have about Mr. Devine's ability to handle finances?  And, be specific!

These "officers" expressed that Mr. Devine's "thought processes were not normal." - - How were Devine's thought processes not normal, and further, what credentials do these unnamed officers have that might allow them to have the expert and professional ability to know one's "thought processes?"  Are they psychologists in any way?  Do they have medical degrees?  Or, what gives them this amazing power?

And, finally, when you stated that "they" thought "it" - - what was the "it" to which you were referring which "would impact Devine's ability to perform as treasurer?"

I certainly have respect for the township's police officers.  But I also believe that you discredit them, as a group, when you attribute to your officers a blanket disparagement upon Mr. Devine.

By comparison, if you personally know of concerns that would reflect upon Mr. Devine's abilities, you personally should stand on your own to voice your opinion, because I would be very interested in learning what you know - - - - - that I should know, when it's time for me to vote for the township treasurer.

Rhetoric fails; so too does your credibility, when voicing rhetoric - both, yours and that of Brian Kepes!

A reply is expected.

Gerald J. O'Grady
cc:  Dan Divine & Brian Kepes / Also - Email to local subdivision groups

July 12, 2016

For your information, late this morning I talked with Chief Gaugard.  He didn’t have much to say, except to invite me to discuss the issues.  I basically told him I wasn’t interested in meeting with him.  And, he said he wasn’t interested in providing me with a written reply to my letter.

Below  is my in response to our brief telephone conversation.

July 12, 2016

Geof Gaudard, Bloomfield Township Police Chief
Bloomfield Township Police Department
4200 Telegraph Road,
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  48302

Subject:  Political Mailing - Brian Kepes


This is a note following our brief telephone conversation this morning:

I appreciate your call in response to my letter pertaining to Brian Kepes and his Political Circular.

I also appreciate your offer to discuss the issues that I raised, but rather than discuss the issues, I am more interested in a written, a direct and a specific reply to the questions I asked.  Accordingly, I told you that I wasn't interested in a meeting for discussion.  Conversely, you told me that you would not give me a written reply to my questions.  That leaves a stalemate with my questions open and unanswered.

My letter to you focused upon Kepes' quotation attributed to you, at a July 2015 township trustee meeting.

Note that I was taken aback when you stated, or otherwise indicated, that you had not endorsed Kepes' use of your name and your photograph in his Political Circular.  But, when I recommended that you publish a disclaimer to that effect, you declined.  I take it that your silence is in fact, your endorsement.

As a means of addressing the issues of my letter, you offered me the option of going on-line to view a video recording of the July 13, 2015 township trustee meeting (during which you expressed the approximate sentiments quoted in Brian Kepes' Political Circular).  - - - Thank you; I viewed the video.

Note that the length of the meeting video is 2 hours and 22 minutes.  At 43 minutes into the video, the meeting turned to Agenda Number 5, regarding certain personal reactions of the township treasurer, during a time of family distress.  The meeting's Agenda Five focused upon Devine’s criticism of the township for violating certain rules of confidentiality, pertaining to an emotional family matter about Devine's missing and possibly kidnapped daughter - - (Criticism about which it is reported that Devine later apologized.)

One Trustee questioned you about the township's Workplace Code of Conduct, and that of an Employee Handbook, which, according to your reply, covers police officers and non-sworn individuals and civilians who work for the police department.  According to your answer, your code of conduct apparently questions or otherwise prohibits a township employee from making allegations against another township employee - - - See 53:53 minutes into the meeting video. - - - [Please say this isn't true, for if it were true, corruption could run amuck with employee's fearful and unable to voice concerns of wrongdoing.]

At this Trustee Meeting, you, Chief Gaudard, made comparisons of Devine's conduct, at the time of a distressful family matter, to that of a police officer, - - - indicating that IF an officer, or another employee of the township's police department, had displayed examples of emotional conduct similar to that attributed to Devine, POLICE PROTOCAL would have required departmental physiological review into that person's thought processes, and physiological testing of that of that person's ability to perform professionally.

Now, Chief Gaudard, this is where your misleading spin evolves into the distortions published against Dan Devine that we see in Kepes' Political Circular, for the reason that:  Your comparison of behavior is based upon POLICE PROTOCAL, intended for police officers and employees of the police department who handle emergency vehicles and guns or weapons of mass destruction, as they affect matters of life and death, for themselves and for the public at large, - - - - - - which have nothing whatsoever to do with the somber and somewhat boring job of township treasurer, or the performance and the ability of the township's treasurer, whose tool of trade is a mundane pen or a pencil, rather than a killing machine.

As I understand a summary of the issues, Devine was worried about a family member, at a time when he was critical of your police department's personnel.    Your public stand of criticism about Devine simply extracts your "pound of flesh."  He criticized your department.  So what?  Your stand against him is not only unprofessional, but it exemplifies your inability to objectively perform your job.  And, the same can be true of the character of the township's supervisor and the trustees who may have censured Devine.

It is misleading and petty for you and Kepes to attempt to capitalize on this entire matter, that had nothing whatsoever to do with Dan Devine's job or his professional standing to do his job, by publishing your distorted words, saying:

"My officers said they had concerns about Mr. Devine's conduct and ability to handle finances in the township.  His thought processes were not normal.  They thought it would impact his ability to perform as treasurer."

Note that Devine went on record with his objection to this matter being put before the township's July meeting as an agenda item, for the reason that the matter was essentially an ad hoc item.  Devine was simply hung-out-to-dry, without public and possibly without legal notification of review for discussion of the issues.  In this regard, those who censured Devine should themselves be censured.

I leave these thoughts with you, and I will share my findings with others who have inquired about my findings.  Certainly, you are free to respond, but comments about comments are, for the most part, meaningless.  A written statement stands for what you are.

An apology to Dan Devine would be more meaningful.

Respectfully submitted,
Gerald J. O'Grady

Thank you Mr. O'Grady for allowing me to publish your emails with my readers.

Please pass this link on to others in the Township.
Voting on August 2 is very important.
I didn't ask Mr. O'Grady how he would vote on Aug. 2.  That is his business.  I'm happy that he is seeking clarification of issues and seeking truth about what is happening at this township.   Be an informed voter.

This is the actual audio/video of the July 13, 2015 meeting    
where Savoie  and "gang"   ADDED an agenda item to the meeting and ended up censuring Dan Devine.  Mr. Devine did read his apology anyway to Mr. Savoie that he had prepared.  Devine did not know that he was going to be censured at this meeting.  I believe David Buckley/Trustee also had no knowledge that this agenda item was being planned.

Agenda # 5  was ADDED to the evening meeting at the beginning of the meeting by Trustee Corinne Khederian.   Agenda # 5 was not posted for the public to see/ nor did Mr. Devine and a few others at the meeting know what was planned.  Clearly, the agenda item took some planning in advance.  Here is my blog that I wrote after attending that meeting:

The "official written minutes"  can be found at: 
Click on Board of Trustees/  Meeting Minutes/ 2015/ July 13

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