Saturday, March 10, 2018

2018-2019 Bl. Twp. BUDGET and W&S lawsuit update

Hi All,
The township has scheduled a Public Hearing Budget/ Vote for Monday, March 12, 2018 @ 7 PM.
See the full Board of Trustees  agenda below.  Also below is update on W&S lawsuit.

If you would like to REVIEW the current proposed budget, you MUST go to this link:

Choose: Board of Trustees, then BOARD PACKET,  then 2018,  then March 12
A 186 page document for this Board of Trustees meeting will have the proposed budget.

MISSING from this proposed 2018-2019  budget is the $25 Million dollar +/- budget for Water and Sewer.  This is the third year the township has NOT presented this department with the budget.  


The W & S  LAWSUIT  has been to court, but no decision has been rendered.

More documents filed this past week for case:  2016-152613-CZ :
Date    Code    Desc  
03/09/2018    POS    AFFIDAVIT/PROOF OF SERVICE FILED    Order Document                                                           
03/09/2018    SUM    P/S ON SUMMONS FILED 01/26/18    Order Document                                                           
03/09/2018    POS    AFFIDAVIT/PROOF OF SERVICE FILED    Order Document                                                           
03/08/2018    RES    RESPONSE FILED SUPPL AUTH TO PLF CITATION/POS/DFT    Order Document                                                           
03/08/2018    POS    AFFIDAVIT/PROOF OF SERVICE FILED    Order Document                                                           
03/05/2018    OTH    PLF CITATION OF SUPPLMTNL AUTHORITY FILED    Order Document                                                           
03/05/2018    POS    AFFIDAVIT/PROOF OF SERVICE FILED    Order Document                                                           
02/27/2018    RES    RESPONSE FILED TO MTN DIRECTED VERDICT/POS/PLF    Order Document                                                           
02/27/2018    POS    AFFIDAVIT/PROOF OF SERVICE FILED    Order Document                                                           

A court decision date was planned, but then canceled.  My gut says the judge would rather facilitate a negotiated settlement between the township and the legal firm that filed the class action lawsuit than render a determination of the facts and conclusion.  Don't know if that is possible, but that could perhaps eliminate any possible appeal by either party.   My opinion is that the township has overcharged the taxpayers. 

Word is that the township attorney, Bill Hampton,  was not in court for the final argument.  Secrest Wardle attorney Mark Roberts handled the duties.   Hampton was reportedly on vacation in Florida with his wife/family.  Since then it seems the judge and attorneys for both parties are busy and scheduling the court date is delayed.  Really? Why?  Is there more going on here? Just asking.

From archived documents:   4/24/17 Board of Trustees Board Packet was this information about the W&S Budget.  What everyone needs to understand is that the township FISCAL year ends March 31.
                                                              Actual 3/31/16   approved &  est. for 2017   proposed 2018

Notice on the above chart there is no  current FUND BALANCE for W&S department as was done in 2014.     See the FUND BALANCE of:   $50,449,543.00   on 3/31/14.    I wonder what that figure is today?

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