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March is Property Assessment Time/ Need Appt.

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It's that time of year when all property owners have the opportunity to meet with the BOARD OF REVIEW  about your property's assessment.

Those of you who own property in Bloomfield Township should have received in the mail a notice of ASSESSMENT.  The township mailed them February 16, 2018.  Review it carefully.  This year the Assessing Department re-evaluated ALL LAND values throughout the township.  There may also have been other re-evaluations on the building(s) on your property.

NOTE:   the township has made this "assumption"  for the 2018-2019  budget:

You can find information about  YOUR address as well as all others in the township.   How? This is what is seen on the Assessing link
 Overview  |  Parcel/Property Taxpayer Info  |  Property Assessment  |  Assessment Notification  FAQ  |  Forms  |  Homeowner's Primary Residence Exemption  |  Proposal ASubdivision Platmap Information

When you then click on the " Parcel/Property Taxpayer Info " :  it should take you to another site powered by  BS&A  Software:
Once there you will see:  Bloomfield Township
Search:  All Records        By:  Address
......there is an arrow by records and address
 ... that means you can click on it and get a drop down menu for more choices ( like: search by Name)

Start by looking  up  YOUR address.   Hint,  If you want to know all the properties on YOUR street, or any other street)  don't put any numbers in... just the street name... without any extra wording.  ie:   no Rd.  or St.   ...  If your street does not come up... try  making the search without E. or W.  etc.   Still having problems?  Make sure you are in Bl. Township ... call Assessing for help.  (248) 433-7710  There could be many pages for your street.  Make sure you click on all the extra pages for the street.

When you see a comparable house to yours.... or a property you wish to use in your visit to the Board of Review...  it is best to have the PARCEL NUMBER as well as the ADDRESS.   Compare ranches to ranches,  colonials to colonials,  size of property /lot  should be similar,  how much sq. ft. in home,  any updating,  year built,  etc.    Get the recent SOLD price for any homes near you that may affect your assessment.  

Sometimes,  when you go through the effort to look for the valuation of comparable homes to yours,  you may discover that your tax assessment looks ok.   Be careful,  you can go to the Board of Review to lower your tax assessment,  but they may decide the error isn't your assessment is too high.....but too low.  They COULD raise your assessment. 

I highlighted in RED  below to remind you that you need to make an appointment to be heard at the March Board of Review.   The appointments are every 5 minutes.  Therefore,  have your case well prepared, documented and talk quickly:)   Perhaps have copies of your case ... your argument to lower your assessment....for the 3 Board members?


Please take the time to click on each section of the Assessing... and learn all that you can.

The Board of Review for the Charter Township of Bloomfield will meet by appointment at the Township Office
4200 Telegraph Road, P.O. Box 489, Bloomfield Hills, MI  48303-0489

Monday, March 12, 2018
9:00am - 12:00 noon
1:30pm - 5:30pm

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

9:00am - 12:00 noon
1:00pm - 4:00pm
6:30pm - 9:30pm

For the purpose of Reviewing the 2018 Tax Assessment Rolls.
Please call the Assessing Department at (248) 433-7710 to schedule an appointment.

Board of Review

Robert Taylor, Jr., Chairman (Expires January 1, 2017)
Furhad Waquad (Expires January 1, 2017)
Tracy D. Leone (Expires January 1, 2017)
HONESTLY,  this is typical of the Bloomfield Township website.   When I finally FIND what I am looking for on the website,  the information has not been updated.   Well, who is authorized to be on this 2018  Board of Review?   I had to go back to the minutes from 2016 to see who were the members of the Board of Review for 2017.   Turns out that the below three were reappointed,  so now their term expires January 1, 2019.
DEC. 12, 2016  Board of Trustees meeting minutes:



FOR OTHER READERS of my blog that are not in Bl. Twp.  but live in the 
Many municipalities use the BS&A software.   Some make the assessing information public and some have you pay a fee.
Go to:       go to top right hand corner and click on "Municipality"  then find your county in Michigan/  then your local municipality.  

The Township also does the Assessing for the City of Sylvan Lake.   The below link will take property owners living in Sylvan Lake directly to your city BS&A software link for assessing:

Many municipalities have the assessing done by their COUNTY government.  That may or may not be done with BS&A software.   You'll need to contact YOUR municipality for assessing information.
Also,  the DATES  for the Board of Review many be different in each municipality.  CHECK for your information and dates with your local government.

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  1. Marsha,
    Thank you for providing this very valuable information. While unfortunately it is unlikely that the Board of Review will agree to any reduction, the property owner must take that first step before being able to then appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.