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Assessing Seminar at Township Library; Reservation Required

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Sign Up for Assessing Seminar
The Township assessor's office will be presenting a property assessment seminar at the Township LIBRARY on January 19, 2012, from 7 pm to 9 pm.  Seating is limited and a reservation is required to attend. To obtain a seat please call 248-433-7710 or 248-433-7793.  The above link takes you to a PDF file that gives a lot of information about the seminar...don't miss clicking on it.

Township offers same class to City of Sylvan Lake
FYI:  The City of Sylvan Lake has contracted with Bloomfield Township for Assessing for a "fee" of $19,100 per year paid to the Township. The Township assessing budget is:  $758,000.

The Township is offering this exact same seminar to the residents of the City of Sylvan Lake.  That city has the seminar advertised on it's website. Therefore, the limited seats are available to two communities.   If you want a seat, call today.

Township Website Offers More Information
The Township website has an entire section dedicated to the assessing department.  I suggest you read each (6) link associated with this department as it will help you understand assessing in general and the power point presentation on January 19. The information will also help you formulate your own questions concerning your property.

Seminar at Library on Jan. 19, 2012 from 7 pm to 9 pm
Bill Griffin, Director of Assessing, has allotted time that evening for his entire staff to help individuals with their specific questions. You may bring your assessment notification letter from last year (2012 notices arrive in your mailbox the middle of February).   However, if you have done some research already, bring what you found, ie: comparable houses sold in your area.  The assessing staff could perhaps tell you if those are good examples, or if not, why not, and what you should look for instead.

The assessing staff is available at the Township offices throughout the year for any questions or concerns.  Keep in mind, there are deadlines and procedures to follow concerning appealing your assessment.

Board of Review meets in March 2012
If you decide that you need to contest your assessed value, then it will be important to schedule an appointment with the Board of Review.  Those appointments are in March of each year.  The Board of Review gives you only 5 minutes to present your evidence.   At the Jan. 19 seminar, the Township assessor's office will discuss when those appointments are scheduled and how the Board of Review operates and what you can expect.

I recommend attending this seminar.  I attended the Nov. 29 seminar at the Senior Center.  Sign up soon and remember to mark your calendar.

Property Assessment Seminar to be held at the  Bloomfield Township Public Library
January 19th

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