Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where to find Preliminary Budget for 2012-2013 to Review

Hi All,

HOW TO FIND the proposed preliminary budget for 2012-2013.

The Township is NOT open and transparent...otherwise there would be a link to it on the BUDGET page of the Township or found on the home page.    BUT IT ISN'T.  

To find the 2012-2013 PROPOSED BUDGET:   CLICK HERE     THEN click on Board of Trustees;    THEN click on Board Packets;  THEN click on 2011;  THEN click on Board of Trustees packet November 28, 2011;    THEN the PDF file that pops up;   THEN in the top info bar click on FILES (instead of being in layout);   THEN click on item #5.....prelim budget....VOILA !

I'm writing this Saturday morning.  Perhaps by Monday the Township will have it's act together and have the preliminary budget for 2012-2013 posted in a more convenient location.  They may even send someone in this weekend on overtime to correct it right away...and claim it was there all along.

The Township has ADDED information on the budget page that adds some transparency, but not much.

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