Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rapid Transit, New Restaurant, Financials and More

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As always, the BOARD PACKET  for January 28, 2013 @ 7 PM has the important details to better understand each agenda item.  This Board Packet pdf  is 125 pages long.  Here is a snapshot from those pages along with an occasional opinion from me.  The Board meeting can be viewed live on Channel 15 Comcast 7 pm.... and/or live webstreamed - viewed on your computer.   Better yet, if you have a question or comment, attend the meeting :) .

The first agenda item are the minutes from 1/14/13.  The two SAD districts formed by the Township instead of Oakland County for repaving local subdivision roads are discussed in more detail in the minutes.  Please read the minutes in this Board Packet.   Also, see my earlier blog about the Road Repaving proposed projects and the Special Assessment Districts  #404 and #405 being formed.

The second agenda item:  below is copied in part from a letter found in this Board Packet that outlines what will be discussed at this Board of Trustees meeting...including a powerpoint presentation and Q & A. about rapid transit:

The third agenda item is about a new restaurant to be located in a former restaurant site on Telegraph Rd.  Below is what the Board will consider.  This is a Public Hearing so any concerns must be brought up at this meeting.  Also read an earlier blog about this Bloomfield Grille restaurant project/proposal.

The fourth agenda item:  There is a VACANCY ON THE PLANNING COMMISSION.  Despite repeated requests over the years by me for the Township to post the expiring positions so other qualified township residents may apply for the APPOINTED positions, the Township mainly chooses to quietly seek and on their own terms ... for applicants and/or reappoint the same person.  Traditionally, if the person has served the position well, he/she is reappointed.  That leads to ZBA, Planning Commission, Board of Review to have the same people for MANY years.

This agenda item discusses a letter written by a Bloomfield Township resident who discovered that there is a vacancy on the Planning Commission and wrote a letter of introduction and qualifications and asks to be considered for this position on the Planning Commission.  That letter and other documents of his qualifications that are posted in the Board Packet will be discussed by the Board. While I think his qualifications are more than adequate to fill this position, I believe this position should have been posted by the township and a certain length of time given for others to apply.  What will the township do with this agenda item?  Don't know.  I believe positions should be posted.  Since this Planning Commission position is an appointed position, will the Board appoint him at this meeting without posting and seeking other applications?

INCLUDED IN THE PACKET.... the BELOW ITEMS are not agenda items and will NOT be discussed at the meeting....BUT the Board Packet pages on these topics are MUST READS:

.....also take a look at the PRELIMINARY BUDGET  located on the Township website... the budget for 2013/2014 is up for approval soon...those with the interest and ability should take a look at these pages in this Board Packet.

Also... take a look at the FIRE Department Report in the Board Packet

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