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Repaving Road Projects Proposed/ Will it cost you $$$?

Hi All,
On Monday, January 14, 2013,  the Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees will hear two agenda items dealing with accepting PETITIONS from several subdivisions in the Township for proposed "repaving the roads" projects.

While repaving roads formerly was a RCOC (Road Commission Oakland County) project, Bloomfield Township can now facilitate those projects offering the subdivision homeowners three different options than the RCOC:
1.  a longer time period to pay (15 yrs) 
2.  lower interest rates 
3. EQUAL assessments among the property owners. 

A SAD (Special Assessment District) may be formed once more than 51% of the affected homeowners sign a petition. Those petitions are being submitted at this meeting.  Then a Public Hearing will be held on an assigned date.

There are two agenda items...  forming two different SAD districts.  Are you living in one of those proposed "repaving all roads" subdivisions?  Whether you signed the petition or not, enough signed to put the process in motion.  Monday's AGENDA items are the first step.  It is up to YOU to know what is happening in YOUR subdivision.  Please pass this blog and link to the township website on to friends or neighbors in those subdivisions.  Thanks.

SAD District #404 will hold their public hearing on Feb. 11, 2013 @ 7 PM.  Cost will equally be spread among the 92 property owners and is estimated to be $6,825 per property.   The subdivisions are: Knobhill, Knobhill #2, Knobhill #3, and Forman Orchards.

SAD District # 405 will hold their public hearing on Feb. 25, 2013 @ 7 PM.  Cost will equally be spread among the 45 property owners and is estimated to be $8,920 per property.  The subdivisions are:  Thorncrest and Thorncrest #2.
Questions for all the people affected by these SAD District's:
Does your subdivision have sewers?
How old are the sewers?  Many sewer systems in the Township are 50 years old or older.
Will those sewers need replacing in the near future?
Does your subdivision WANT sewers if not currently installed?

Once the decision is made to REPAVE the streets...  IF there is a need to redo the sewers or add sewers in your subdivision it would most likely result in breaking up the newly repaved streets....but your 15 year liability to pay for that street would continue.

I would highly recommend that your subdivision has an honest discussion about sewers or any other underground utilities and their current life expectancy....BEFORE  redoing the pavement.

This is also a time to consider whether or not there are elevation/other problems that create poor drainage or sight line problems, etc.  Those possibly could be addressed during the construction phase of repaving.  Those issues should be brought up at the PUBLIC HEARING that is scheduled in February.

The following information is from the BOARD PACKET for the Board of Trustees Meeting on 1/14/13.    You will need to do a series of clicks to get to this PDF.  Once there, look in the left side column for the agenda item you wish to review.... it takes you there quicker than searching the 226 pages of the board packet document.  Also included in the board packet (but not listed in this blog) are the petitions that are being submitted and the addresses of all the properties that will be included in the SAD District to be assessed the costs of the repaving project.  Take a is your $$$ being spent whether you signed the petition or not.

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