Monday, January 23, 2017

Bl. Twp. 1/23/17 @ 7PM TWO PUBLIC HEARINGS

Hi All,
TONIGHT  TWO  PUBLIC HEARINGS....  you ARE permitted to comment during both agenda items # 4 and #5.    See the full agenda at the end of this blog.
AGENDA #1 ... is available for 3 minutes of public comment on any topic, including agenda items to come.
For the details of all agenda items please look at the Documents (Board of Trustees- Board Packet- 1/23/17)  that go with the agenda items:

Agenda #4....  more additions to a property that is smaller than the 10 acres required.   It is adjacent to residential.  Do our ordinances/ zoning/ rules mean anything in this township?
Just as a side note... I can connect Savoie donors to his August 2016 political campaign to this project.  Just saying.

Agenda # 5 ...  Now going to the Board of Trustees:    At  a 9/7/16 Planning Commission Public Hearing  the PC resulted in recommending :
Basically,  one large single family zoned lot that a developer bought and wants to put 5 houses on that ONE lot.  Major opposition to this by surrounding neighborhoods.    The PC  recommends denial, how will the Board of Trustees vote?   It is a public hearing.  All are welcome to speak to this agenda item.   You don't need to be directly affected by that one lot.  Just remember, that large lot next to you or in YOUR subdivision could become the next mini subdivision INSIDE your subdivision.  Is that the direction you want Bloomfield Township going?   Speak up at this agenda item.   Just suggesting.

FYI:  A previous similar agenda item:
Watch the video of the  Public Hearing at the Board of Trustee meeting of 12/12/16,
Recently those neighbors stopped an 8 house subdivision to be developed on 3 lots inside their Manor Estates subdivision.... a 100 year old subdivision with large lots and deed restrictions east of Woodward and south of Big Beaver on the Birmingham border.  

The 12/31/16 Quarterly Financial and Investments  Reports are found only in the BOARD PACKET for 1/23/17  and are NOT part of the agenda.  


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  1. Agenda Item #5, if approved, will very negatively and adversely affect the adjacent E.L. Johnson Nature Center,located on the north side of the proposed lot split parcel. This is in addition to negatively changing the present character of the surrounding neighborhood residences.