Wednesday, January 25, 2017

REDICO submits site plans for a MENARDS and Public Hearing for Brownfield approval from OC Commissioners

Hi All,
 2 meetings:  please see dates, times and locations
Both concerning the development known as The Village at Bloomfield

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 25 @ 10 AM  in Bloomfield Township :

Joint Development Council meeting with the City of Pontiac, Mayor Waterman, Bloomfield Township, Supervisor Savoie and Dennis Cowen, neutral member concerning the property to be developed:  The Village at Bloomfield located on Telegraph Rd. north of Square Lake

Meeting location:

Two things are important at this meeting:

     1.  The minutes from December 21, 2016  are about the 4 AMENDMENTS to the 2002 Development Agreement that the JDC approved at that meeting, but no actual language of the amendments were seen or read at that meeting.  Therefore, it will be very interesting to read the minutes of what the writer of the minutes believed was actually approved.  The township has not posted a board packet for the 12/21/16 or the 1/25/17 meeting.

     2.  The actual agenda item is REDICO submitting a site plan review to the JDC for a MENARDS at the project on Telegraph Road known as The Village at Bloomfield.  Since the 425 Agreement for this 85 acre parcel of land, both Bloomfield Township and the City of Pontiac have joint responsibility for the development.  However, since the Menards building will be actually located in Pontiac,  the Town Center ordinances from Pontiac will be used.  It was reported months ago that REDICO will be requesting variances with this site plan review.  No word as to what those variances will be.  Will the site plan be approved?  Will the variances requested be approved?  Do these decisions need to go before the Pontiac City Council?


  • Please note that the 2016 Development Agreement is completely different and separate from the 2002 Development Agreement.

Oakland County Board of Commissioners to hear the Brownfield Plan for the Village at Bloomfield    1200 N. Telegraph Road in Pontiac.
packet details about the Brownfield plan  are on pages 46-194 of the 346 pages of the pdf


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  1. Having been at Board meetings recently and heard Marcia Robovitsky address the Board on numerous issues, our Township is extremely fortunate for all her tireless work. She continues to tackle issues that are very important to Township residents---- but she shouldn't have to be doing this all by herself. I urge other residents to at least regularly read this excellent blog and also watch the live video broadcasts of the monthly Board Meetings. I also urge you to attend at least a few Board meetings this year. Since the Board has now limited resident's public comments to only at the very beginning of its meetings, rather than the previous procedure which permitted such comments after each of the various agenda items, it is now more important then ever that we make sure the Board is doing the job they were elected to do. We must not let this Board make decisions that are improper or that only benefit certain of our residents at the expense of the rest of us. An example of the latter is the Board's recent decisions that has our Township paying for installing sanitary sewers in neighborhhods just becausee a few residents there requested this. These residents now don't have to pay for that sewer at all until they connect to the sewer which is most often many years later (and then with long-term installment payments.) This is being done now instead of the Board requiring the alternative process of which requires residents to immediately begin paying these installments when the sewer is installed. This process is called "Special Assessment District." In not requiring this process the the Board is allowing serious depletion of the Township's Sewer Fund which fund may be needed for emergency repairs and other important uses. This is just one example of what is now happening.