Sunday, October 7, 2012

Can You Name This Event?

  • This EVENT will be held on Monday, October 8, 2012.
  • This event is assumed (by me) to be the reason the regularly scheduled Monday Board of Trustees meeting is being canceled and rescheduled to Wednesday, Oct. 10. 
  • The "official" reason for the change in the Board of Trustees meeting date is "a lack of a quorum".
  • This event is not posted on the township website as of 10/5/12
  • I did not see it advertised or mentioned in local papers/ print or online.
  • This information was found on another website via google: 
    "**( I'm leaving this word out intentionally) administrators reserve the right to refuse registration to uninvited participants**
  • Assume that it is benefitting a non-profit.
  • The township annual reports did not mention this annual EVENT in the past.
  • Assume township employees are involved.
  • Assume township vendors are involved.
  • Assume township area businesses are involved.
  • Cannot assume township taxpayers are involved (since there has been no notification on the website or at prior township meetings).
  • However, were there "invitations" to special taxpayers ?  Were you one of them?

Enter your guess of this EVENT in the comment section.
If you know the answer, please tell the readers of this blog how you know and when you first heard about the event.  This blog is also on PATCH where comments may be accepted.
I don't know why the township keeps this EVENT such a secret from the taxpayers on their website and in their annual report.
I do know the EVENT and will blog more details after the EVENT.

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