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Monday Event Revealed/Oct. 8 Golf Outing

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Below (at the bullet points)  are the two comments I made on PATCH about my previous blog about a Township EVENT being held on Monday, Oct. 8.    Note:  I added some links here that were not on the Patch site.

A responder named "Jon" said:  "It (the EVENT) is neither sponsored by the township, nor in township offices. It is a non-profit fundraiser, that anyone associated with the non-profit would be aware of. There is no issue here."   and  "Not sure why one would expect it on the township website. Sounds like a worthwhile day."

I don't totally agree with "Jon". 
The web page advertises:  "We will be adding a Bloomfield Township Police Officer or Township Official to your foursome (as a fifth golfer). "   I believe the taxpayers should be informed of this event being held on a Monday, a Township business day.  I believe the taxpayers should be informed about why the township address and phone numbers were used.  Did Officer Gallagher and/or others plan this golf outing while on duty at the Township?  

My Patch comments:

Marcia Robovitsky

  • Township taxpayers MAY be participating, I just don't know for sure. I do know there are many "sponsors". The EVENT starts at 10 am and continues through a dinner. Since township employees and/or township officials will be participating in this EVENT, thus the need to cancel the 7 pm Board of Trustees meeting for a "lack of a quorum". This EVENT happened last year at the same location. I accidentally found out about the EVENT in Oct. 2011, but when I attempted to arrange a meeting with the person in charge of the EVENT to get some details, (same person this year) my request got ignored and my other request to join two classes at the township were denied. Do these clues help?
  • So you know the EVENT.  (4th Annual Bloomfield Township Police Benevolent Association Golf Outing) Do you know that the event is planned by a township employee? A Patrol officer, James Gallagher. The Township address is used. I believe the telephone number goes to the police department. The Township discusses this "non-profit' in other events on their website and asks for township support. Is there planning going on for this event by working employees of the township during working hours? Are employees taking a personal day to participate in this event? Are township vehicles involved? Last year I discovered this golf event at Oakland Hills CC because two patrol cars were there the day after picking up "materials". This "non-profit" started with the death of an officer in 2004 while on duty. I find it interesting that our police department isn't interested in "informing" the taxpayers about the exclusive golf club to participate in their fundraiser with them. How does this "non-profit" spend the money? I think the Bloomfield Township Police Benevolent Association should be mentioned in the Annual Report for the Police Department. Take a look at the sponsors of this event. Who contacted them? When? How was this event advertised? Why would the Police Department contact these businesses? Money. I get that. However, township taxpayers spend over twelve million dollars a year for just the police department. They may want a chance to golf OHCC and support the "non-profit".
Quite honestly, I don't know how the money collected is spent at this "non-profit" each year.  I have not seen any information except mention of a bench outside the police building in memory of Officer Davis. 

The Township website has mentioned Bloomfield Township Police Benevolent FUND as a "charity" .... when discussing the Woodward Cruise event at the Mercedes Benz dealership,  but this golf event at Oakland Hills CC uses the words Bl. Twp. Police Benevolent ASSOCIATION.   Is it the same thing?  Is the "Association" or "Fund"  a charity or non-profit?

I do know that in 2009/2010 when the township had a new 1.3 mills tax proposal on the February 2010 ballot....there were a lot of businesses, vendors, employees who contributed over $85,000 to a PAC called Save Our Services (SOS) to get that ballot proposal passed, including a $5000 donation from OHCC.  The new 10 year millage did narrowly win.

 Next year, 2013, there is a different millage for public safety expiring.  Will there be a PAC formed again to support the public safety millage?    What will happen then

These are the sponsors listed on the website for the 4th Annual Bloomfield Township Police Benevolent Association Golf Outing:  (you can click on each one for information about them)


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