Monday, October 15, 2012

SURPRISE- Resolution to name Public Services Building

Hi All,
What should have been a proud moment in Bloomfield Township history is unveiled at the Sunday, October 14, 2012  Open House  without notification to the public in general.

By a "resolution" read by Clerk Jan Roncelli,  the Public Services Building was named after long time employee and former Supervisor Dave Payne.  It was obviously a surprise to him and he was deeply touched by the honor.  He was just taking his grandchildren to enjoy the day at the Open he thought.

My comment is this: 
  • Here is another example of the Township doing what they please, when they please and without proper authority to do so.   This should have been a decision at a public board of trustees meeting as an agenda item prior to Oct. 14, 2012.  The resolution and the money needed should have been authorized by the Board.
  • By the televised comments of Dave Payne ( that I saw....on Monday, Oct. 15... following the Comcast channel 15 airing of the Board of Trustees meeting held on Wed., Oct. 10.) , David Payne mentioned that he saw a lot of familiar faces outside that building (as the resolution was read) that he would not normally see attending the Township Open House.
  • What does that mean?   Were many township residents and friends of Dave Payne notified privately that this special honor was going to happen at the Open House and please show up???  What about the rest of the residents?  Where is the public relations department?
  • You can bet many if not most of the Township employees knew all about the resolution and honor for Dave Payne.  The internal memo system at the township works very well.
  •  As of 8:25 pm Oct. 15, the only notice on the Township website about this honor is a picture on the township website from the Open House.  The original announcement website now has a link to the photos from the day.
  • Were any local papers notified that the Township Public Services Building was going to be named after Dave Payne?  Were they there for pictures, interviews...or have they even been given a Township press release?
  •  I have not been a Dave Payne fan for many reasons.  However, the man has been a part of township employment since he was 19 years old.  He has accomplished many things for the township and it's residents.  Too bad the current administration didn't see fit to honor him by giving all the residents the opportunity to attend the unveiling of his name on the building.
  • But then again....the township has it's own agendas....often separate from the taxpayers.
The Bloomfield Township Public Services Building is now named as of Oct. 14, 2012.....after long time employee, Dave Payne.  Congratulations.

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