Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Liquor License Applications in the Township

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The Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees took action at the November 28 meeting concerning two different liquor license requests.  The actions taken by the Township still result with both groups being able to continue in their individual efforts to obtain a liquor license approval.

The entire meeting can be viewed on Comcast Cable 15 on Tuesday, Nov. 29 @ 7pm. (Tonight)
The Township website will also archive the meeting on video on demand.

 Class C License
The Board voted unanimously to rescind the Class C License Resolution for the Butterfly Group, LLC.    In October of 2009, they requested the liquor license along with a dance and entertainment license. That permit was eventually denied by Township police and the Butterfly Group withdrew all permits in May 2011.  Captain Cook, Township Police, stated that the Butterfly Group, LLC , which has changed its membership, will submit another application and reapply at the state level soon for a Class C liquor license at 37000 Woodward Ave. located at the SE corner of Woodward and Big Beaver. That location is currently under construction.

Tavern License
The Honey Tree Grille, located in the shopping center at the SE corner of Maple and Lahser, had applied for a Tavern License (beer and wine) but the MLC at the state level rejected the resolution because of the way the resolution was worded by the Township.  The Township Trustees approved new language for a resolution as indicated as needed by the state.  The new resolution will be forwarded to continue the process of obtaining a Tavern License by Lindos Enterprises for the Honey Tree Grille.  The restaurant opened for business in February 2011.

Both issues will need to come before the Township Board of Trustees again.

Class C Transfer of a liquor license  11/14/11
At the November 14 Board of Trustees meeting, this motion was made and approved concerning another liquor license:
MOTION by Barnett and SUPPORT by Kepes to APPROVE the transfer of the Class C Liquor License from the Restaurant Group, Inc. to Roadside Bar & Grill, Inc. to include 1727 S. Telegraph Road, 820 Fairfax, and the outdoor service area AND that the applicant must sign an agreement, which states that the Class C Liquor License will not be removed from the Township
 Roadside B & G is currently renovating the former Brandy's restaurant with earlier stated intentions of opening before the end of the year.  

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