Monday, November 21, 2011

Township Library Considers Televised Meetings

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During public comment at the November 14  Board of Trustees meeting, Library Board member, Pam Williams, mentioned that the Township Library Board was considering televising their own library board meetings.

Art Aisner, editor of Bloomfield-Bloomfield HillsPatch, was in attendance and followed up with a story on his online paper.  Click here to read his article on the Township Library.  His article gives you all the information and links to follow. 

Patch is delivered to my email every morning by 6 am.  There are local stories that concern my community as to government, schools, businesses and people.  I love that the Patch site allows for comments to be posted instantly.  Sometimes a lively debate of the issue will occur.

Here is my comment that I posted on Bloomfield-BloomfieldHillsPatch about the Township Library and potential televising: 

 Marcia Robovitsky
How can a televised meeting or program, that can be recorded, saved, shown on Cable 15 and archived on the library website be considered ".. to service only a small group".... ?
The recorded meetings would be on the "shelf". It could be chosen and viewed. The idea that the archived program can be "checked out" either on Cable 15 or the library website is no different than other items that can be "checked out" in the physical library building.
The difference is: Those archived televised meetings would share the Bloomfield Township Library history on a month to month basis. As mentioned in this artlcle, the library board meeting often involves various staff members sharing ideas, programs, new materials and even budget matters. It's our taxpayer dollars being spent, please, share all the details with the public on televised meetings. Archive those meetings on the library website for future "check-out". Library Director Karen Kotulis-Carter is a friend to the Township taxpayers and understands the value of open and transparent meetings. Hopefully she can convince the board members of the importance and lasting value of this new proposed project.

FYI: from the library website:

Library Holiday Hours

The Library will close at 5:30pm on Wednesday, November 23 and is closed all day on Thursday, November 24 for Thanksgiving.  The Library will reopen on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 9:30am.  Our virtual door is always open at!

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