Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nov. 7-12: Township News: Zoning Change Proposal, Vote, Emergency Alert Test, Library Book Sale, ZBA

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Here are some items from the Township website along with my commentary.

Monday, Nov. 7 @ 7 pm    Planning Commission meeting
This meeting is not televised and will not be found on cable or the website. Those of you interested in applying for Planning Commission openings please attend this meeting. Showing interest is a plus on your application.  I am assuming the township WILL be posting the positions..? There are Jan. 2012 expirations and those positions are traditionally filled at a Dec. 2011  Board of Trustee meeting. Hopefully, the Board of Trustees will vote to telecast these meetings in the near future.
  • One important agenda item Monday night is:
  • III. Public Hearing – Rezoning / Site Plan
  • A. 1655 Opdyke Rd. as part of Bloomfield Hills Shopping Center (1525 – 1616 Opdyke Rd.)
The China Village restaurant property is being requested to be changed to B-2 zoning classification so that location can sell beer and wine with meals. The owner of the complex is requesting the zoning change.  China Village may or may not be the restaurant with the potential future liquor license.

Tuesday, Nov. 8   @ 7 am to 8 pm  ....  VOTE
Bloomfield Township residents have 4 different school districts...depending on where in the Township you live.
  • If your school district is:  Birmingham, Avondale or Pontiac....  there are issues on the ballot for your consideration and VOTE.
  • Please go to:
  • There you can find sample ballots (so you know the issues) and where you should go to vote.
  • Some precincts have been combined for this election.  You should have received a letter from the Township clerk if your precinct has moved for this election.  Can't find the letter?  Go to the website.
If you live in the Township and have Bloomfield Hills School district....there is nothing on a ballot.  Do not go to the polls.  You will not have anything to vote for or against.  Your school issues will be sometime in the future:  Feb. ?  May?  August?  or Nov.?  2012    To be determined.

Wednesday, Nov. 9 @ 2pm  Emergency Alert System will be TESTED
This is a nation-wide test. The test will come from FEMA. It will be over 3 minutes in length. (It is usually 10 seconds for weekly tests and one minute for monthly tests.) All radio, television, cable and satellite operators will air the test at exactly the same time.

Saturday, Nov. 12  @ 9:30 - 4:30 pm   Big Book Sale at the Township Library
The Friends of the Bloomfield Township Public Library BIG book sale weekend is coming up!  Saturday, November 12 sale hours are 9:30am - 4:30pm.    The first hour - from 9:30am - 10:30am - is open to Friends members  only.  Sunday sale hours are 12noon - 4:30pm with the first hour open to Friends members also.  Sunday is bag sale day - buy a bag for only $5.  Come find your treasure!

FYI:  The ZBA legal notice for the Nov. 15  meeting @ 7 pm  is now found on the website in 2 locations.

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