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Week of Nov. 14 Township Meetings - Proposed Vehicle Purchase

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Bloomfield Township website lists 3 meetings for this week.  Click to get to each posted agenda.  As of this posting time, Design Review Board has not posted the agenda. It should appear at least 18 hours before the scheduled time. It is important to review agendas to learn about Township issues and the ZBA to learn of any variances requested by your neighbors.
  1. Board of Trustees, Monday, November 14 @ 7 pm
  2. Zoning Board of Appeals, Tuesday, November 15 @ 7 pm
  3. Design Review Board, Wednesday, November 16 @ 2 pm

The proposed purchase is on the 11/14  Agenda for discussion and the  Board of Trustees will take a vote for approval or denial.
The PROPOSED purchase of a Vactor sewer cleaning machine  apparently will be purchased through this website.  Unfortunately, the Township did not include any forms or information about exactly what model number and accessories this proposed vehicle will have. The price quoted is: $380,688.75

The Township already owns one Vactor sewer cleaning machine that was approved in June 1998/ bought in 1999.  In fact, that machine was on display at the Township Open House and it appeared to be in good working condition.  The Board Packet information indicated the existing machine size was ordered in 1998 to fit in the old Public Service building.  Now that the Township has a larger and newer building, it seems that the employees want bigger and better machines.  A reason for the purchase: "The new machine will be much more efficient due to its larger holding tanks."  Being old and in poor repair was not given as a reason for the new purchase. Will a bigger machine be able to service the existing smaller Township buildings and their drains?

The Board Packet information says the 2011/2012 Water Budget contains funding for a new Vactor sewer cleaning machine. However, I did NOT find that to be true. The Township Budget does not say that.  At least, I could not find that information on page 43-45 of the budget in the water/sewer department.  In fact, that page shows the fund is 3/4 of a million dollars in the red.

Information given in the Board Packet indicates that the City of Rochester Hills set up a program for other municipalities to order this machine. While the Township said they have until 2013 to order, I saw the date 2016 on the website. Which date is correct?  At any rate, if the existing machine works, and since no "trade in" value was mentioned, will the Township keep the existing vehicle, too? 

The Board of Trustees should vote NO on this request. No good reason was given for a new purchase.  No details were provided to the Trustees or the public about how the $380,688.75 was determined.  The opportunity to purchase has several more years.  The budget does not provide the funds. The economy is struggling, home values are still in decline and I'm one taxpayer that will not vote to increase my taxes when I see excessive or unnecessary spending by Township leaders.
 View the Board of Trustees meeting from home
Only the Board of Trustees meeting will be recorded and shown later on Comcast Cable 15 and on the Township Video On Demand website.   AT&T's U-verse cable is not available.
The Oakland Press sometimes will live-stream the meeting on their website.
The Township is anticipating full camera installation at Township Hall and to have the ability to record live meetings by late January 2012.
Perhaps then, the Township will approve recording all public meetings.

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