Friday, December 7, 2012

DEC. 10 @ 7 PM Bond Issuance-MEX public hearing-PA 152

Hi All,
A jam packed last meeting of the Board of Trustees for 2012. 
Some agenda items may be a separate blog that I send out before the meeting on Monday. 

Agenda #4  Issuance of Bonds... another 20 year debt
Agenda #5  Minutes on Demand/website
Agenda #8 PUBLIC review for the restaurant MEX with hours to 2 AM weekends?
Agenda #10  2007 Master Plan Update...  what about Bloomfield Park?
Agenda #12  Second year that Township EXEMPTS  township employees from paying 20% of their health care per MI Public Act 152.  Township can do this for another 4 years thanks to Dave Payne's final 6 year contract to the employees before "retiring".  Exempting is OPTIONAL by the trustees.  They can begin implementing Public Act 152 now.   If employees don't do.
Agenda #16  Clerk's 2011 Annual Report.  Some other 2011 annual reports have not been submitted.

THE BOARD PACKET is 114 pages long.  
I highly recommend you read some of the details to agenda items that may concern you.  
A series of clicks:  Board of Trustees/Board Packet/2012/Dec. 10