Monday, August 24, 2015

Illegal Electronic SIGN /Corrupt procedures ?

Hi All,
How will the Bloomfield Township Supervisor Savoie.... present this issue at the Monday, August 24, 2015 @ 7 PM Board of Trustees meeting?  How will the Trustees vote?

Bloomfield Township has many ordinances, one is for SIGNS  

Those ordinances also specifically address signs located at schools.
Click here: then click on "Adopted Bloomfield Zoning Ordinance":  then go to Sec. 42-5.9: specifically for schools see p. 149 of the pdf.
FYI:  Electronic signs are NOT permitted anywhere in the Township.
Some township employees, township trustees, township leadership, Bloomfield Hills school superintendent, school board members, and some school employees and perhaps even the construction contractor....should ALL KNOW that there are sign ordinances in the Township.

So, why has the new Bloomfield Hills High School  officials and the Township officials ... not followed the procedures for sign approval?  Why is the sign already installed?  What is happening at the Monday, August 24, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting?   

  • Was there a permit application for the high school sign?  It was not shown in the Board Packet.
  • IF so, why didn't it go to the DESIGN REVIEW BOARD?   The first step for sign approval. Again, no meeting minutes are shown in the Board Packet.
  • IF the sign didn't meet the requirements for approval, why didn't it go to the Planning Commission or the  Zoning Board of Appeals?   No minutes from any of those committees found in the Board Packet. 
  • Why wasn't there a public hearing, if needed?  This AGENDA item is NOT listed as a Public Hearing.  That would need 15 days noticing... this agenda was posted late on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015 with the Township offices CLOSED on Friday... so no questions could be asked or documents gathered.
  • Why did the township attorney hold a "closed meeting".... about the sign issue...   when "closed meetings"  for attorney/client  reasons should be for discussion on a PENDING LAWSUIT?   That meeting was held at the end of the Aug. 10, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting.  I objected to that closed being illegal.   Go to hour:  @2:01 of the meeting and again at 2:15 of the meeting.   Notice that Leo Savoie takes over before the attorney answers as to the reason going into closed session.  WHAT pending litigation?   I see no evidence that the school district even applied for a sign permit.  I want to know what the attorney and the Board are hiding !!!
  • Why on earth is the township considering a "MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING"   instead of holding the school district to the criteria of the written sign ordinance?   THIS IS A MUST READ DOCUMENT...please ... read it.... THIS IS WHAT IS BEING VOTED UPON...

Why did Patti Voelker, Township Planning Director, make it her job to "propose" alternate criteria?
Isn't her job to see that the ordinances are FOLLOWED....??? Isn't her job to PRESENT the agenda item/explain the ordinances for the TRUSTEES to rule on?  Why is SHE writing up "conditions" for this sign and apparently other school signs?   Did the township attorneys participate in this document?

Since when did the Township hold "behind closed door " meetings to NEGOTIATE different criteria for ordinances and change the permitting process?  Why has there been no public meetings on this issue?
What does this suggest?   What "good and valuable considerations"  ???   $$$  ????   The taxpayers have the RIGHT to know the facts.

There is an ISSUE "claimed"  ... which I don't believe is an issue....and I believe the TOWNSHIP officials should fight for compliance to our sign ordinance.   This is not only about the school sign... ELECTRONIC SIGNS will change the look of the township with future requests for all buildings.   Where are the attorneys representing the taxpayers of this township?  We have ordinances....I, for one, want them upheld!   I don't want to see ELECTRONIC SIGNS all up and down Telegraph Rd./Woodward/ and other neighborhood corners.   IF the township so clearly and blatantly circumvents the ordinance for the schools...who is next?

IF the Board of Trustees approve this "Memorandum of Understanding".....I believe they will have betrayed their position and trust of the citizens.  

There has been such a SEVERE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY  with this issue... 

I believe those that have "negotiated"  to "change/corrupt"  the sign ordinance are arrogant and "want what they want" and I also believe that they are confident that they can get away with this corrupt activity.  MY OPINION.

You can watch this meeting LIVE on your computer (you will need to click again/see the bottom of that page)  or watch it LIVE on Bloomfield Township Comcast Channel 15 @ 7 PM.... on Monday, August 24, 2015.   Can't do that?  The entire meeting will be archived (again, another click on another link Board of Trustees Meetings) a few days after the meeting.

Better yet, come to the meeting at Township Hall.

What will the Trustees do?  It is time to tell Supervisor Savoie.... no ...we will NOT go along with this "deal" you have participated in...   The taxpayers deserve to have their ordinances defended and upheld.

Friday, August 7, 2015

8/10/15 AGENDA: includes: PACE...Property Assessed Clean Energy/ WHY?

Hi All,
Keep reading below the agenda.  I copied much of the Board Packet/ to make it easier... but you should see the entire BOARD PACKET of details....
choose:  Board of Trustees, Board Packet, Aug. 10.... a PDF of 87 pages.

Notice:  there was NO DOLLAR figure given for delinquent SPECIAL ASSESSMENT DISTRICTS (agenda #4)... roads/ water/sewer/  etc....    WHY?

Agenda #5... Financial Quarterly Reports:  I HATE %... I want $$$ figures.  Where is full transparency?

Agenda # 6... read Board Packet carefully.... show up at the public hearing.... the township lawyer has already written the resolution to approve.   Do you want this?  See:  Lean & Green Michigan

Agenda # 8... is listed BEFORE PUBLIC COMMENT..... and has NO details in the board packet...
So here is the rumor I've heard....  The Bloomfield Hills School District has already purchased a sign for the new HIGH SCHOOL...  that CLEARLY... does not adhere to the sign ordinances.  Surely someone at involved in the construction KNEW... that signs need approval.   THIS ISSUE... has been in "hiding" all summer... now it is crunch time... school will begin soon...  will the Township CAVE... and permit a sign... that is found/permitted no where else in the Township?  Will this lead to future signs of this type?  AGAIN... RUMOR.... but WHY does it need to go to attorney /client behind closed doors.  My guess/  so the public does not learn of the deal made....or not.  

FROM AGENDA #2 Board Packet

FROM AGENDA #3 Board Packet

FROM AGENDA #4 Board Packet

FROM AGENDA #5  Board Packet


MUCH MORE TO READ: Board of Trustees/Board Packet/August 10, 2015... pages 29-73/ 87 in the PDF

WHO IS LEVIN ENERGY PARTNERS, LLC.... and how did this group get chosen?  Are there OTHER companies that do the same thing?  Should there have been a RFP?  Was there?  Who is Andy Levin?  Sander Levin's son.  WHO ARE THE INVESTORS? Any connections to the Board of Trustees?

Another "prewritten resolution"  before ANY PUBLIC HEARING.... sounds like a done deal. 
All the taxpayers should read the fine print in the link above.  We have too much government approving things without fully reading or understanding what they are approving.  My opinion.

From the pre-written "RESOLUTION".....    "...financing energy projects..."   

AGENDA ITEM #7  Board Packet

Who checks the list of bills to be paid???
Who OK's the payments?  Ultimately the Trustees... but do any of them read it and ask questions?
 I think the payroll and voucher list should indicate FROM WHICH FUND the money is being withdrawn.   Seriously... read the list... in the board packet.  The bottom figure of:
$1,901,277.06...    for this 2 week pay cycle???  Mattress King? and other items...