Saturday, August 23, 2014

Supervisor Savoie NOT at Fiduciary Review meeting/ read DRAFT MINUTES

Hi All,

This blog contains the complete DRAFT of the Study Session minutes from Aug. 7, 2014  on Fiduciary Review of Bloomfield Township, MI.  
  • I found it interesting to see that our Township Supervisor, Leo Savoie,  did NOT ATTEND this meeting.   WHY?   
  • "Fiduciary Review" should have occurred in July 2014... BEFORE ... the request for 4 millages on the Aug. 5, 2014 ballot.   Our fiscal year ends March 31... the quarterly reviews report the data from  June 30,  August 31, and Dec. 31.
  • However, when you read the minutes, it is stated that an amendment to the investment policy would be on this Aug. 25, 2014 agenda: 
  • IF... you would like the complete audio from the Study Session meeting from Aug. 7, 2014,  you must file a FOIA request for that document by Monday, August 25, 2014 or you risk it not being available later.
  • Honestly, I think all Fiduciary Review AUDIO tapes/CD's  should be archived.  Or better yet, ALL PUBLIC meetings should be audio/video recorded and archived on the Township website.  We should not have to PAY for this important audio document.   What questions did the township ask?  What were the answers?  What else was said at this meeting that MAY not be in the written minutes?

NOTE:    THIS IS THE DRAFT COPY of the written MINUTES of this Special Study Session MEETING held on August 7, 2014 on FIDUCIARY REVIEW for Bloomfield Township.

NOTE:   DRAFT COPY continued

NOTE:    DRAFT COPY  continued