Sunday, November 9, 2014

More Road Projects, Safety Path Routes, Senior Services Hours Cut, No Bid Contract Awarded?

Hi All,
Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, November 10, 2014 @ 7 PM

FAIR WARNING:  2 different agenda items for subdivision ROADS... please read this next paragraph, especially what I highlighted in RED.....

         7. The Township Board will open the Public Hearing of Necessity and listen to comments from property owners within the district. At the close of the Public Hearing, the Township Board will vote to proceed or reject the project. If the Board votes to proceed, this resolution also authorizes for the construction drawings and specifications to be completed for bidding. Also, at this same meeting the Township Board will schedule the second Public Hearing of the Assessment Roll.
Please NOTIFY your friends or neighbors that live in those areas.... some may NOT know there was a petition is THIS MEETING where the township will VOTE to proceed or reject.... NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP...

 AND....the other road project is:

Another agenda item:
To all that spoke at the last meeting about the SAFETY PATHS...  looks like MONDAY they are proposing EXACTLY the SAME routes for 2015 that was suggested last changes...
Another agenda item:  
Looks like after the taxpayers approved the senior services millage in August 2014.... the department is proposing to CUT HOURS OF OPERATION.
Another agenda item:
Looks like another NO BID CONTRACT will be awarded ... most likely for 8 years.   May be a good deal for taxpayers...but we'll never know for sure without competitive bids.          

Here is the complete AGENDA for MONDAY... Nov. 10, 2014: