Tuesday, January 30, 2018

BHSD May 2018 Millage- A 6 YR proposal

Hi All,

The Bloomfield Hills School District is apparently proposing a "Building and Site Sinking Fund Millage Replacement Proposal".    

6 years - 2018-2023 inclusive  to levy 0.7165 mills each year with revenue for year 2018 estimated to be $2,583,000.    See the actual wording for the millage at the end of this blog post.
VOTE will occur on May 8, 2018
First thought:  I'd like to see the audit of the 2010-2018 previous Building and Sinking  Fund Millage to see where and how that money was spent.  Then I'd like to hear what projects are proposed for this new money for the next six years.   This link needs reviewing by all:  https://www.munetrix.com/Michigan/Schools/GDR/Oakland-Schools/District/Bloomfield-Hills-Schools

Second thought:  At this point in time, I'll vote NO.   I want to know more about the BUILDING master plan... those "sold" properties,  demolished buildings,  "swapped"  land,   and more.  I'd like to see a  report on the financial gain or loss to those transactions and where the "profits" may have been deposited or spent.  A "sinking" fund is (among other things) for the construction or repair of school buildings.   Is the BHSD thinking of building more new buildings?

Third thought:    The Bloomfield Hills School District needs to share information about this millage with the entire voting community, not just the families currently enrolled.  I have this sinking feeling that the target group for this unusual MAY election date will be to just disseminate information about the millage through notes home with the students.  However, MANY more households no longer have children in school.  They should vote, too.   This link has a color coded map of the BHSD and the communities it serves:  https://www.bloomfield.org/why-bloomfield/enrollment-options/digital-map