Saturday, January 28, 2017

Surprise! New 18 acre Residential Development on ZBA Agenda

Hi All,
Zoning Board of Appeals   on Valentine's Day.... TUESDAY,  FEB. 14, 2017  @ 7 pm
Are there any issues in your subdivision that concern you?  Remember,  once a decision is rendered... only a court can change it. Speak up now. See the full agenda at the link or at the bottom of this blog.

Pay particular attention to item # 13.   


Why is a developer seeking VARIANCES or APPROVALS at a ZBA meeting for a residential development that has not been before ANY public Bloomfield Township meeting (to date)  for review and approval?  Because developers apparently can do this under the Supervisor Leo Savoie regime.
Are you wondering where this new residential development will be located?   The former WABEEK 18 acres of land owned by the Bloomfield Hills School District on Long Lake Rd. and sold to a developer.

I'm guessing that employees of the township have worked on this site plan along with other departments and vendors for months.  This reviewing of the plans most likely were done with Supervisor Savoie's knowledge and approval.  Do the Trustees know about this new subdivision and the site plan?  Have any taxpayers living adjacent to this property been notified about a site plan review or just a ZBA review?   How much money and time has been spent on this proposed project with the various departments and vendors to date? 
I'm guessing Supervisor Savoie has purposely delayed all the other public meetings (DRB and Planning Commission)  but did authorized the current 15 day posting notice of the ZBA meeting on February 14.    I'm sure this project has been at the township for MONTHS.  So, why does Supervisor Savoie and his gang keep the project from the taxpayers? Why doesn't the assessing page on the township website have this property registered with a new property owner? Or hasn't the developer paid for the property yet?    
What's going on here?  My opinion, the less the public knows what is going on, the easier it is for Savoie and his gang to push through his agenda and the developer's projects.   Keep reading.

The next scheduled Design Review Board is Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 2pm. 
Supervisor Savoie, Clerk Roncelli and Treasurer Kepes... a 3 person committee.  They also happen to be 3 of the votes on the 7 member Board of Trustees.  

Not many people can attend a 2 pm meeting on a workday.  The township will only post the agenda and any board packet 18 hours before the meeting.  So, the public will only know the agenda until sometime late on Tuesday, Jan. 31.  This is not right.

The next scheduled Planning Commission meeting is Monday, February 6, 2017 @ 7 pm.
A member of the Board of Trustees sits on this committee.  That makes a  4th vote out of the 7 Trustees.
This should be a "call" for a Public Hearing ... and a Public Hearing schedule for the following meeting,  but I doubt that will happen.   Again,  the agenda and board packets with the details to review will not be posted on the township website until late Thursday, February 3, 2017.   Unfortunately,  the township offices are closed on Fridays, so if anyone has any questions,  you can't begin to get answers until sometime Monday or at the meeting that night.  You have 3 minutes to express yourself.

The next scheduled Board of Trustees meeting is Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 7 pm.
Don't be surprised if this site plan is on this agenda as a Public Hearing.  Public Hearings should have a 15 day noticing.  The Planning Commission should have 15 day notice.  Then the Board of Trustees should have 15 day noticing.  Then the Zoning Board of Appeals should have 15 day noticing.  BUT.... remember.... the township already is giving the ZBA 15 day notice to a project that has not been heard yet.  SO WRONG!!!

Are we going to witness a brand new residential subdivision on 18 acres be given a total site plan review and approval in a 14 day span of time?  Perhaps, but I believe that is against the ordinances and noticing of public hearings. 

From ASSESSING RECORDS at the township for this property:

 Legal Information for C -19-18-402-001     [collapse]
T2N, R10E, SEC 18 PART OF E 1/2 OF SEC BEG AT PT DIST S 89-49-20 E 1322.15 FT & N 00-22-10 E 1483.45 FT FROM S 1/4 COR, TH N 63-08-10 W 710 FT, TH N 32-28-10 W 100 FT, TH N 10-18-10 W 750 FT, TH N 09-57-03 E 206.07 FT, TH S 72-45-10 E 830 FT, TH S 00-22-10 W 1100 FT TO BEG 18.02 A

This property is still listed as being owned by the Bloomfield Hills School District. 
However,  I found this about Bloomfield Hills Schools selling the land:    (June 30, 2016)

        BHS Sells Parcel of Land and Makes Plans to Demolish Two Structures
After conducting a lengthy "Master Property Planning" process, the Bloomfield Hills Schools Board of Education voted June 29, 2016 to sell a parcel of land, known as "Wabeek", to Hunter Pasteur Homes Baron Estates, LLC for $3.5 million. In the same meeting, the Board of Education also voted to proceed toward demolition of the former Hickory Grove Elementary School and the former Pine Lake Elementary School.

More information given by the Bl. Hills school district:
The minutes/agenda containing the sale of the Long Lake Property formerly known as Wabeek is June 29, item G under Board Business.
The June 2nd Presentation includes much of the information regarding the Wabeek property: