Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pre-lim. Budget, W&S issues, safety paths, 48th District Court

Hi All,
MONDAY, NOV. 28, 2016 @ 7 pm
will be the first Board of Trustees meeting with the new board members:  Dani Walsh and Michael Schostak.   Brian Kepes will now be Treasurer.    Swearing in ceremony was 11-21-16.

The agenda:  (also found at end of this blog)

The most important thing to view is the BOARD PACKET 11/28/16 for all the supporting detail provided by the township.       227 pages.   go to:

My comments on this agenda and information copied from the township website/ board packet:
Savoie  is trying to silence the public. 
A resolution to change how public comment is done at the meetings.  I often comment on most issues because the township either fails to reveal all information necessary for complete understanding of the issues or false information is being given.   If this resolution is passed... my comments will not be heard.     How can we ask questions or add more information?  Answer:  we won't if this is passed.
See agenda #2.    in pdf board packet pp 44-49
Surprise:  another Hubbell, Roth, Clark  project.   See agenda # 4   Appears to be competitively bid but the other bidders  had no real chance as HRC already has no bid contract work that overlaps the new project being bid and HRC  has been basically the exclusive contractor for the past 3 decades or more.

Savoie is continuing the no-bid contract  scenario:  See agenda #5  Safety Paths    in pdf board packet pp 60-63
This is similar to what the township did for Rizzo contract... for Bidigare contract... for Gypsy Moth contract... and the list goes on and on and on. 

More costs coming to your water and sewer bills/  another 20 year Bond   See Agenda # 6   pdf in board packet pp  64-136

EESD (Engineering and Environmental Services Dept)  Annual Report   Agenda # 7  pdf pp  137-164

MORE increases in fees:  Agenda #8  pdf pp 168-168    Water tap/meter charges.   Packet does NOT show what the fees were when approved in 2005.  So increase %  amt. is unclear

48th District Court 2017 Budget and reports:  Bl. Twp is the landlord and improvement are needed on the building.  More costs to the taxpayers for this?   Agenda #9  pdf  pp  169-193

Preliminary Budget for 2017-2018   Agenda # 10   pdf pp 194-213   This is the first look for the Trustees and the public.   Take a good look now.  What you see is probably what you'll get.   More collected in property tax.  Will your house be one of many with the increase to your property's value?   So much to say here.  Stay tuned.

Payroll and Voucher list  Agenda #11..  pdf pp 214-223    How can the Trustees and/or the public know what account these expenses are debited from?   You don't and the Trustees don't , and Savoie likes it that way.  

My opinions.