Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bl.Twp. Resident Calls for FORENSIC AUDIT of W&S Funds

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I was scanning my online newspaper links and saw this:  WOW!   A must read.  This should go viral.  If you have ways to do social media/ twitter/ etc/  DO IT ! 
A Township resident, David Thomas, wrote a letter to the EDITOR of the Birmingham Eccentric:

THERE IS A WAY TO COMMENT AFTER THE ARTICLE.... some are already posted....  ADD YOURS.

His last sentence said:  "Please join me in demanding an independent, forensic audit of the S&W funds in Bloomfield Township before there are any transfers or allocations of our money."

Unfortunately, I think the $2.76  Million transfer of FUNDS  quickly occurred after the November 23, 2015  meeting with the approval of a 5 to 2 vote  ... ....with "cleanup"  language for changing the wording of the Retiree Health Care Trust Fund VEBA  being presented at this Monday Dec. 14, 2015 @ 7 pm meeting.  Please come.

However.... it is TIME TO GET A PETITION  started and demand the INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDIT  of the Water & Sewer Dept.
I'm going to contact Mr. Thomas and perhaps get a petition started.  Want to help? 

Make sure you read it AND pass that article link or this blog link on to other Township residents.

This  Monday, Dec. 14, 2015  meeting at the Board of Trustees @ 7 pm....  has A LOT OF AGENDA ITEMS concerning Water and Sewer including  the controversial transfer of
$2.7 Million from the WATER and SEWER Funds into a Retiree Health Care Trust Fund VEBA.

Details of Agenda items can be found in the BOARD PACKET: 
click on:  Board of Trustees/ BOARD PACKET/2015/ Dec.14, 2015 @ this link:



Click on the Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees/ BOARD PACKET/2015/ Dec.14, 2015 @ this link:


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