Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bl. Twp. W&S "fees" -- Clean Water or Pensions ?

Hi All,
What is coming from your water tap?  What does your water bill pay for?
Water may start out clean at the filtering station, but by the time it travels the miles of pipes to your glass of water or your bathing water, what is the quality?  The same as it left the filtering station?  Ask Flint residents.   Was your household tap tested or did you just get the "official" letter of water quality from your government?   Flint residents trusted the government.  So, think about it?   What is the condition of the water pipes leading into your home? Should you have it tested?   Can you trust your local government to maintain the infrastructure? 

Bloomfield Township taxpayers have been receiving higher and higher bills for water and sewer each year.  Yet in a controversial 5-2 vote in late 2015, Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees transferred  $2.76 million of the fees collected from the citizens water/sewer bills and deposited those millions into a Retired Employees Health Care Trust.

Whoa!  Is that an illegal tax collected? What about the 1978 Headlee Amendment?    Supervisor Savoie claims the money charged from 2009-2015 on the water and sewer bills is a "fee".  Some other communities however have been sued and certain  "claimed fees"  on their water bills were refunded to the taxpayers. 

Maybe Bloomfield Township taxpayers should file a class action lawsuit to get back their money.  Taxpayers believed they were paying for water and sewer and maintenance/infrastructure needs when they paid their bills.  

What is your local government charging you?  Taxes or fees?   Are you paying for pensions or clean water?

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  1. This is illegal, and totally wrong!
    The township supervisor Leo Savoie thinks this is proper????? He is up for re-election. DO NOT RE-ELECT THIS GUY. For some people, HALF of their entire water bill is these fees. Totally unrelated to their water and sewer usage.