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W & S Lawsuit: Plaintiff's Attorney Posts Information and More

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Here is some very interesting information found on the Plaintiff's attorneys' website concerning the Class Action Lawsuit (Youmans vs Bl. Twp).
From the main website of KickhamHanley - here is a short cut link to this case:

On July 12, 2018  there was a four hour reading into the record at Oakland County Court House by Judge Daniel P. O'Brien.   That is now a printed TRANSCRIPT and is listed as "Court's Opinion After Trial" on the KickhamHanley website .

The " Summary of the Court's Opinion After Trial"   was written by Plaintiff's Attorneys.  Very interesting  summary with dollar figures discussed. 

Below are the listed items found on the  WEBSITE of KickhamHanley

Jamila Youmans v Charter Township of Bloomfield Case No. 16-152613-CZ

First Amended Complaint
Answer to First Amended Complaint
Order for Class Certification
Order Authorizing Class Notice
Class Notice
Order Denying Motions
Court's Opinion After Trial
Summary of the Court's Opinion After Trial
FYI:   THERE IS ALSO AN ARTICLE, written by Lisa Brody, quoting the Bloomfield Township's attorney, William Hampton, (and perhaps input from others from the township) as to his (their) understanding of the July 12, 2018  Court House "reading into the record".   That article (presented below)  concludes a different view of the proceeding, in my opinion.
At the time of the interview,  the transcript from the court was not printed.  However, it seems that the publication only sought comment from one side of the issue:   Bloomfield Township's .
Read that article here:
From a local publication:  Downtown NewsMagazine  
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FYI:   here is the township website
FYI:  you won't find the last three years of the  W & S budget under BUDGET on the township website  as the township discontinued putting that department on the Annual Budget review agenda.  MAJOR LACK OF TRANSPARENCY... by design, my opinion.
FYI:  For this year's budget review by the Board of Trustees at a Study Session which is missing the Water and Sewer department:  see the Board Packet/ Board of Trustees/ Study Session/  2/28/18  
FYI:  the township did discuss the water and sewer RATES at a different study session on March 20, 2018 for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  See the Board Packet/ Board of Trustees/ Study Session/ 3/20/18   
FYI:   Some other related blogs by me on Water and Sewer issues over the past six years:



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  1. So pleased that you are staying involved and on top of all the township dealings. I’m looking forward to the next election and hoping that others become aware.